Praying God’s Word

All you have to do is personalize it if you have asked Jesus to be Lord of Your life and you are seeking Him.

Here’s an example written a hours ago using two scriptures.

“I will not be anxious about anything, but in everything, in every situation with prayer, petitions and Thanksgiving I will present my request to God. And the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard my heart and my mind in Christ Jesus. I trust in the Lord with all my heart, I am not and will not lean on my own understanding, in all my ways I acknowledge Jesus and Jesus directs my path. In Jesus’ name, amen amen and amen.”

The verses are Philippians 4:6 & 7; Proverbs 3:5 & 6


Into The Verse

“For bodily exercise profiteth little, but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come.” 1 Timothy 4:8 KJV

Exercising. Moving my body. I’ve loved that in time past. I still do. I want to get back to it. Be more consistent. Why? Because I know I’m better with it, with exercising in a way that I prefer or in the way that I can at the moment.

This verse says that, ‘godliness is profitable unto all things…’ I agree. With godliness, comes self-disciple, the knowledge of what is right versus what is wrong, the desire to choose what is right instead of what is wrong. Choosing to exercise instead of sitting in bed watching TV – all day. That could stem from discipline of self when one has a fitness goal they are aiming for.

Godliness for the life that is to come. Are you a believer? Walking in the gospel or way of Christ? Walking and living with love towards self and others? Communicating and acknowledging God more than once a week? Godliness is profitable for this time now; this time not sets forth how ones future will be.

Lifestyle Change

Lifestyle Change

It’s the name of a health coaching company started as a result of being enrolled as a student at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

It stems from a personal matter.

Lifestyle change requires



Desire to Change


It may need a degree or measure of money, finances

And if you are not an adult, it will require some serious adulting to make this lifestyle change.

Off to work I return, for I am adulting.


Keep on loving her

And may she keep on receiving your love

Consider how you entertain the beautiful, sexy, interesting lady, woman who you’ve just met or seen for the first time.

She sees you loving on your girl

Shes beautiful and

You’re taller than she’s used to being around

You’ve known her longer

She sees it as better that you stick with the one you’ve loved than chase after whatever you see is possible with her

She knew the feeling

Of being hugged,

Cuddled from the side,

Reaping attention in the midst of a crowd

Being touched…

In a loving way

In public

She misses the feeling

Has she turned into a romantic

Maybe she just has more hope and push for the couple that’s been together

She doesn’t even what to be seen as a threat

But why do women become defensive


Is this being read wrong

For she too was once defensive

But perhaps it was just love and protection for the one she loved

And behind these words

She can hide

Someone To You by Banners

Hey guys,

So I just finished listening to this video, Someone To You by Banners, before that I watched an episode of Legacies on Netflix(this is not a recommended show to watch because it is associated with witchcraft, magic and such things like that). Anyway, this song its a nice song. I want to be somebody to someone…I want to be someone to you.

This video is funny.

I’ve got nails on and typing isn’t as easy…


(a) love: noun. a feeling you can’t describe

A beautiful poem I just read. Reminds me of an engaged person thinking about the one they love before their wedding. Really. Just beautiful. I like love and how it plays out as this…though from experience I know love isn’t easy. It requires one to be there even when they don’t want to be there or when there is no desire to be there. Love. It does last long though.

As I’ve read in former books, love is a choice. Not a feeling.

It is absolutely patient

It can withstand so much

It never gives up