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I Second That Emotion – Smokey Robinson

If you feel like giving me a lifetime of devotion I second that emotion🎵🎶

Wondering, am I capable off loving someone for a lifetime? Is someone capable of loving me for a lifetime? I’m talking of the loving from an opposite sex, in the context of marriage. I’ve learned and know that all things are possible with God. With that being said, I am capable of loving someone for a lifetime and some man out there, wherever he is, is capable of loving me for a lifetime. I’m having hope, not wishful thinking.

Shared Message

The Kingdom of Heaven is like a net thrown into the sea, which collects fish of every kind.
(Matthew 13:47)
My Dad was a commercial fisherman in New York. In the summers, we children would go out with him at 4:00 in the early morning, watch as he put down his nets along the ocean floor, waited a long time while he dragged the nets, and then happily watched as a gigantic mixed collection of fish was brought up and scattered on the boat deck. Then he would sort and hook the “keepers” one by one and throw the junk back into the water.
As joy-filled evangelists for the Gospel, we, too, throw the net of his love out to collect all kinds of people. In the end, Jesus sends out his angels to sort and keep the faithful and dispose of the unbelievers. What a simple yet profound example from the Word. Launch out into the deep! Share the Good News salvation message. You can trust Jesus to do the rest!!!”

-Vallie Leone