Not What I Thought It Was

I asked for the truth to be revealed.

I asked God to open up my eyes.

It took me a while to see what everyone else saw.

I thought you were real.

I thought you would be worth my time.

I thought you were friendly,

Someone I could learn from.

I turned into a fool.

What was in that made me think you weren’t like more than half of the male population?

I thought you understood.

I didn’t think you would be secretive and sneaky.

I didn’t think you were childish and immature.

I didn’t think you were so frivolous.

But that’s just it.

I did not THINK!

Even with all the subtle signs, I still did not see the truth of the relationship between us.

The truth of who you really are.

Subtle signs are what I should have paid the most attention to, not you.

Now I see the truth.

You wouldn’t believe how glad I am that your leaving.

Ha, and you wanted me to play you a song.

That’s when I would have truly been a fool.

I knew something was wrong

Your eyes were so hollow

And empty…

This only leaves me to know that nothing was ever between us,

There are no  explanations.

It was all a lie.

My eyes were covered with the glasses of deception

That only hindered my perception

which caused me to make false assumptions,


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