“Make It Happen”

“You have to be what I call a make-it-happen person. These are the people who see what is coming and they make it happen rather than hope it happens or react to what happens. The difference is where you perceive the steering column to be located. Some teach that it is in heaven. Some teach that it is in the White House. But the Bible teaches that it is in you.”

Bishop’s Blog,T.D.Jakes

One of the groups of people who inspire me sometimes are make it happen people. They don’t sit back and wait for someone else to take the lead or for someone to change a situation for them. Nope they do it themselves. Now I have to be honest, I used to fully be the opposite of a make it happen person. If I saw I cat high up in a tree that was meowing for help, instead of finding a ladder to get the cat down, I probably would have prayed for someone to come and rescue the cat. A make it happen person, makes it happen.Period.

So what’s stopping you?                                            Go make it happen!



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