Read:    and 1 Peter 4 : 12-19

My Notes.

Trouble. Not one person on Earth can side step it; at least not all of it. There are certain things we can avoid if we make wise our decisions.

Depending on how you receive the troubles in your life; you can either allow it to help you mature and grow spiritually stronger or allow it to turn your life into a rut.

“Trouble creates a capacity to handle it…” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

Sometimes God uses trouble to test our faith in certain areas of our lives. It is the only way – for us to see –  if we’ve fully grasped the word of God. For if we use the word of God to combat our troubles then we’ve passed the test. If we don’t use the word of God then that says we need to study certain scriptures more often and receive the word God has given to us.

Have you noticed that great triumphs are born of great troubles. This is because of the pressure on that person , either you are going to let this trouble consume you or you are going to fight against it and push back. I’m pushing back!



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