He Does Answer!

When talking to God I really need to be more patient. I think we (those of us who talk to God daily) all need to be a little more patient if we aren’t already.

Tonight God just answered my thoughts and most of what I was telling Him about.

Sunday after Church I was saying “I miss praise dancing” and  Wednesday night at B.S.(Bible study) one of the ministers announced that they are starting a praise dance team. A praise dance team!!!!I’m like so excited.

 Another thing was that the Bishop at the church I go to is looking for volunteers to minister to people who call the church office and other stuff (He announced this on Sunday). I like volunteering and I have no problem with helping in whatever way I can. So anyway, I have been wanting to volunteer but I’ve been thinking and feeling… I’m not really ready to minister to people who are going through tough times. So if Bishop is only looking for people to talk on the phone to help people then in what way can I really help?

But 😀 tonight at B.S. another minister announced that the office needs volunteers and young people can help because we know a lot about technology(Twitter, Facebook, Aim, etc.) and stuff, but not only that…they are able to find stuff for you to do because answering phones and ministering is not the only thing that needs to be done at the office. So now there’s no need for me to second guess my going to volunteer at the church office. I’m so excited about that to. Praise the Lord, Glory to God, Thank you for answering me and forgiving me Father, only you are Holy. You see every corner of my heart, every thought in my mind, every action in my life, Yet You still love me the same if not even more, I repent and thank you for your forgiveness, and for your will for my life.

Before tonight I guess I was losing a bit of faith…and I was getting anxious and impatient. The most important thing is to never even lose a once of faith or patience when you are believing God for something  anything. Tonight I remembered that God is not on my time, He doesn’t run on my schedule, He is on His time.

Sometimes we want things NOW, some of us have gotten used to having things so fast, and even when those things are fast we want them to be faster. Some of us want fast food, but even that seems slow, some want faster internet, instant macaroni and cheese…but still we have to wait for the microwave to finish heating up the food. Some of us drive on the highway at 50 mph yet that isn’t fast enough we need to go faster to get to our destination.

As Christians we need to have patience. Patience is one of the Fruits of the Holy Spirit(Galatians 5:22). It’s okay to slow down just a bit. it’s okay to wait on a long with only 6 people in front of you. it’s okay to slow down, instead of speed up, when the light turns yellow, IT IS GOING TO TURN GREEN again. Personally, for me, its okay to wait for relationships to build, it’s okay to stick it out until the semester ends – eventually it will end (duh), it’s okay to not have a boyfriend right now – It’s okay to wait for the right one, it’s okay to wait for my hair to grow longer, it’s okay to not rush off to CIA(Culinary institute of America).

It is okay to just wait! Wait for the appointed time under the heavens. Patiently wait for God’s perfect timing – because God’s timing is perfect. We will realize that when what we’ve been waiting for is right in front of us or in our hands.

Plus what you’ve been waiting for could be waiting for you tomorrow.

ILTL(I Love the Lord)


2 thoughts on “He Does Answer!

  1. Yes, you are right! God answers all prayers, it may not be the answer we want or are looking for, but He answers in His time, according to His will and Word.
    Thank you for commenting, I’m glad you were able to relate to what I wrote. God bless.

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