Update & Introducing “Past Prayers”

New Category!!!

Past prayers are meaningful…some how they shine a light,

on what was,

what can be,

and what still is.


Personal update: Spring semester has been over for about two weeks now. My final grades are wonderful, but they could’ve been better. I’m working on a sky blue headband, basic knit style. My next knitting project will either be jewelry or a light weight scarf…I’ll have to stop by a craft store some time this week. I recently finished FOUR drawings!!I’m excited because I think this is the first time I’ve done so much in the span of only two or three days, finishing a drawing project normally takes me more than two weeks. With one of those four drawings I experimented with oil pastels…they actually remind me of crayons, with the exception that I can blend colors with water when I use oil pastels. AND my guitar playing has gotten better!!! I still need more improvement, but I’m happy with where I’ve reached.



9 thoughts on “Update & Introducing “Past Prayers”

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