Knitted Coasters!

In my last Update post I mentioned that I will start knitting again and with that I’ll be posting pictures of the projects and patterns I’ve tried or hope to try one day.

Here are  two coasters I knitted about a month ago. The small Blue-Lime (the one on the right side of the 1st photo below) coaster is my favorite because of the colors but mostly because of how the pattern came out. Pattern: Ribbing (knit 2, then purl 2, and repeat)

This lavender coaster was requested by my sister. Half way through knitting this one I forgot if I left off at a knit row or a purl row, which is why it looks sort of uneven.

For the large Blue-Lime coaster, I used US size 10 needles.

25 Stitches

Half way finished


On Display

Thanks for viewing. Happy Knitting 🙂 & Be blessed.

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