On The Move

Scripture reference: 1 Samuel 4, the entire Bible the life of the Israelites and it’s leaders….

Even though the Israelites brought the Ark of God into the camp where they stationed themselves for battle and anticipated victory they were still defeated by the Philistines because they did not consult God on whether they should go to battle against the Philistines. Since they did not consult God; and decided to act (go to battle) on their own judgement, God left them on their own.

As Christians, how can we learn from this regarding our relationship with God?

Before we step out and do something, before we devise a plan for anything, before we move one foot towards a direction we must first consult God. We must first tell Him about whatever the situation is and ask Him what to do. Then, before we move we must wait and listen for His answer.

One thing I have become sure of is that God guides His people, He leads us, and He gives us direction as we allow Him to. If we’ve done things our own way for the past few months or years then we need to ask Him to guide us and lead us in His will. I hope this is your sincere prayer to God, for Him to lead you and guide you in the life you live unto Him. God will be with us if we remain righteous and if we keep from sin. Sin has a way of separating us from God. Sin hides God’s face from us and it causes God to not hear our prayers(read Isaiah 59:1, 2).

The Israelites did not ask God if they should go to battle against the Philistines, they just went (they moved without knowing if God wanted them to. 1 Samuel 4:1). Then when the Israelites were defeated by the Philistines, they then choose to bring God in to the situation by bringing the Ark of God to the camp aka their side of the battlefield. However God was not with them, nor did He move on their behalf to deliver the Philistines into their hand. Why? Because He (God) did not tell them to fight against the Philistines and also because of the unrepentant sin (especially that of Eli, who was  their leader, the one responsible for making sure God’s commandments were followed).

What have I learned from today’s scripture?

In all things, whatever I do I must seek God and ask Him of whatever plan, thought, or idea I have. Whatever situation I am in where I feel the need to do something I must ask Him if I should do that thing. If I don’t know what to do I must ask Him and allow Him to guide me. After asking God I must also listen to his answer and obey/do it.

So now I’m just going to wait because I’m certainly not moving in any direction unless God tells me to. For some reason the image of a sitting duck pops in to my mind whenever I decide to let all of my scheduled plans go and wait on God’s direction, but I know I will be spending time with Him and taking care of His work, so I actually won’t be like a sitting duck. 😉

What have you learned from 1 Samuel 4? Or what have you learned in waiting on God’s timing? Feel free to comment below.

All glory, thanks, admiration and praise be unto God; the Creator of heaven and earth, the One who placed time into existence, the One who raises from the dead and restores life. Glory to the King who reigns forever, whose Word stands forever, whose love endures to all generations and whose power is greater than any can imagine. All thanks be unto JESUS Christ, who through Him we are reconciled to our Maker, who through Him we are redeemed and set free from the bondage and law of sin. Amen.


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