This Scarf

If I were to see this scarf in store I think I would buy it. However, purchasing it wouldn’t carry the same meaning as creating it. This scarf isn’t the first scarf I’ve knitted, yet it is the scarf that looks professionally done. It’s homemade and wearable. The idea to knit and sell scarves once came to mind, and later faded somewhere. Yet, at the completion of this scarf the idea has surfaced again. This time with more possibility!

2 Skeins used (It could have been longer, I found another ball of yarn in my yarn collection), It took be about a month taking into account I was working on another scarf at the same time and giving my hands a break, size 8 needles were used. The design is a combination of garter Stich (knit) and stockinette (just alternate purl&knit stich) along with a knit design I saw on DIY’s Knitty Gritty (I introduced this video a few years ago; click here for it).

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