My Apologies

No published posts in over a month!

I apologize. The only desktop computer I have available are the ones in the library and at the library I literally only have an hour on the computer :/

But I’ve asked the Lord for a new home computer (the ones I’ve had at home need to be replaced) and I’ll be waiting and thanking Him until it arrives. 😀

I have so much to share!

For now I’ll just let you all know that I have created a new website – PFLH Designs –

If you’ve been interested in the various drawings and pictures I’ve posted in previous times then visit in order to see what’s been going on with that business. Poster and bookmarks will be available to you soon, but please don’t let that stop you from requesting and image or drawing.

Well, with 10 minutes left I must say toodles! 😉


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