Commited & Consistent

John 12:12-19 is when Jesus rides on a donkey into Jerusalem and the people took palm branches and went out to meet Him with praise coming from their mouths.

John 19:14-16 is when the people cry out against  Jesus. Pilate declares, “Here is your King!” Yet in response the people said, “Away with Him, away with Him. Crucify Him!”

How many of us have wondered how Pilate said, “Here is your King!” When I read it it sounds like he said it sarcasticly. But was he just saying that he believed, findinf no fault in Jesus. I say this in consideration with what is written in Matthew 27:1-2, 11-14, Luke 23:1-16 (*1-5,13-16), and also Mark 15:1-5, 9-15. In reading these accounts it wouldn’t seem that Pilate spoke sarcastically- just speaking from what he found out.

Another point to be seen in the passages above is that when the Bible says in Hebrews 4:14-16 that we have a High Priest that can relate with us it is true. For consider being rejected by many people who not too long ago accepted or approved of you. Some, maybe many of us have been abondoned, neglected, and rejected and in those experiences we have felt pain. So can you now relate to what happened to Jesus?

Jesus came to save – He is the greatest expression of love that God has shown us, yet during the time Jesus was fulfilling His purpose those people at that time turned on Him and in their declaration they pretty much said, “He is not our King!” They didn’t claim Him as their own.

What do we who say we are Christ’s or Christians do when it comes to standing with Christ in times or places where Jesus isn’t accepted?

Do we proclaim that He is ours and we are His or are we silent? Or like the people said to Pilate do we say Jesus isn’t our King?

If you want to live with Jesus day by day or you just want to know how to confess to Jesus that you believe who He is and receive Him visit the salvation page above.


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