Day 39 Balancing Your Life

“How can she start on day 39!? What happened to day 1?”

I’ve hit the stages of learning to start over or start again and continue, even though I’ve messed up the first time n doing something right. Then even if I mess up the second or third time, if there is still opportunity to do it right, go for it and do not bathe in self-pity or guilt for not doing something right the first time or even on the third try.

It is January 31st 2014, Day 39 of The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren; the second to last day of a 40 day book, yet an addition to my journey through life, with God and being His child.

Aim & Continuity: This is why this post is titled as it is… My witnessing and sharing of God’s Word hasn’t been what it should be – consistent. So, I’m starting with today. I don’t know what the days ahead will look like, but I’m starting with today to share what I learn from God’s Word and what I hear from Him. All with the hope and expectation of being able to connect with my brothers and sisters in Christ – wherever you may be – and to reach out to those interested in Jesus, yet may not know how to get to know Him or who to ask or tell.

About Day 39:: Throughout this entire book Mr. Warren writes a great deal about five purposes that are common in generality, yet unique for each individual.

Worship, Discipleship, Fellowship, Ministry and Mission are the five purposes.

For each day there is a question to think about but should eventually be answered. Maybe not in full, but at least partially, then over time the answer will become more complete. This is how my search for my purpose has been before starting to read this book. The question for today stems directly from the reading which shared four activities on how to balance out living in the purposes God has for each of us.

From what I’ve shared today my answer is passing on what I know to others. Most times sharing what I know through writing is easy; the challenge is sharing what I know, verbally in conversation. This is where I remember that I don’t have to do it on my own or with my own strength, wisdom or knowledge but I can do it with my Father, through His Holy Spirit and through Christ who strengthens me.

So, have you read the Purpose Driven Life? How did it benefit you or those you shared the book with?

Are you on day 39? What was your response to the question to consider or the shared scripture verses ?


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