Sharing The Gist of a Sermon

Our worship is the expression of how we see God, its not Cogic (Church of God in Christ) Pentecostal, Baptist, or AME (African Methodist Episcopal). (For those of you who don’t know, these are only a few of the different denominations of the Christian Church.) But the way to worship is in Spirit and truth as Jesus said (John chapter 4). We worship we express our love, affection understanding, comprehension, and adoration to God. This is vertical worship.

If I remember correctly, this came from a sermon given by Pastor E. Dewey Smith.

During the greater Allen AME cathedral’s 2014 Liturgical Dance worship conference.

*Those of us who attend Allen know that the teachings are more Christ centered than denomination or ame centered. This is not a biased post. Please note that I’d rather be a Christ follower that follow rules of man that hinder my relationship with my Lord. Dont get me wrong I understand and agree that things should be done in decency and order. However, more that anything else I want us to get the first paragraph above. Our worship will be varied since we all are different. Some prefer music, dance, poetry, reading, quiet or something else. Just as long as we stick to worshipping God in Spirit and in truth.

For me, this certainly helps my relationship with my boyfriend who was raised Catholic and still is! While I’m not. So we’ve been working through our differences.

Have you or are you working through any faith differences with friends or family? If so, feel free to share what you did or how God is working in that relationship.



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