“Do Catholics Worship Mary?”

This is an intense episode of On The Box that addresses a question I’m sure many non Catholic Christians have had. It is certainly one I’ve had during the early months of my relationship with my, yes, Catholic boyfriend. I really appreciate him. We have spoken about our differences in beliefs, yet we have not reached a solution or settled the matter. (We are leaving it in God’s hands). He thinks I’d be blessed if I accepted the Catholic faith and became Catholic. I disagree in part and you’ll see why later. I love him, but I won’t and dont want to become something or someone I know I don’t have to be because Jesus never said that by becoming Catholic I’d be saved from my sins, free from the penalty of sin or be able to see Him and rise with Him when He comes again. That truth brought tears to my eyes. I was glad about it, but it hurt, that still, having God’s love revealed to me and learning how much He loves me, that still people would want to change me. Almost as if I wasn’t good enough.

Towards the end of watching this video I thought about sharing it with my boyfriend and his family members through social media: what I would expect is controversy, because for some this isn’t a light hearted situation. Whose heart will be open to the truth and not hardened?

I admit that I have gone to Mass more than a few times and there were points at which my heart was touched and I felt I was ministered to (more times through the music played and other times what was said or just a reading).
I just dont like the division and disunity that can be created in the body of Christ. I say Amen to the prayer Jesus prayed in John 17. I’ll say amen to anything Jesus said ;).

Whether you are Catholic or not, PLEASE take into consideration the basis of your faith. Feel free to comment.



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