“Putting the Breaks on Sexual Temptation with My Boyfriend”

Here’s a repost from the peacefulsinglegirl blog.

My comments:The points made at the bottom are worth considering, especially if the same points (or similar) came to mind while in prayer.

I didn’t think anyone else went through such an experience, so I thank God that surrenderedgirl and April shared this post. This is why I’m reblogging it because I wasn’t alone in desiring and wanting to have a pure romantic relationship and yet struggling to do so even with the nudgings of the Holy Spirit. Our flesh is weak but the Holy Spirit is strong and God is stronger than our flesh.

Here are some additional points I’d like to share that I have not yet written about:

•It’s true that cuddling while watching a movie at night is not the best setting for couples wanting to maintain purity, avoid getting into a sexual sin, for couples who are fighting against lustful thoughts or temptations. Being comfortable with each other physically and alone are factors to keep in mind. Having the right people in the same area can help keep the couple from doing too much. Appropriate boundaries will be kept.

Peaceful Single Girl

couple sitting

A guest post by Surrenderedgirl – I am excited to share what God is doing in her life. May her post bless your walk with Christ, as well:

I met my boyfriend on a college church retreat at the beach. He was the first boyfriend I ever had, and he swept me off my feet. He became my world, and I thought he was perfect. He had everything I wanted in a man; he was handsome, sweet, and a christian. What more could a girl ask for? We hung out as often as we could, usually several times a week for hours on end.

My boyfriend wanted to make my first kiss special, so he decided that we would wait until we had dating a month until we kissed. When the time came, we had our first kiss, but it quickly turned into full on making-out. After it happened, I…

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