Know the ABCs of vegetables and their nutrients 

What’s so good about asparagus? Besides making for a tasty side or even main dish, it’s high in folate and a good source of vitamins A and C. And it’s fat free. Zucchini too, is fat free and loaded with vitamin C.

And you can’t beat beets for a nutrition boost. But did you also know that you can fill up on fiber and magnesium (not to mention flavor) with a healthy serving of okra? 

Yes, there’s virtually a vegetable for every letter of the alphabet. But the key thing to remember is why they’re good for you. And with summer already here, fresh vegetables are readily available in most parts of the country.

Here are a few nutrition morsels to chew on.
Vegetables are excellent sources of:Calcium – essential for healthy bones and teeth.
Fiber – can help reduce heart disease and other illnesses.
Magnesium – also helps produce and maintain healthy bones.
Potassium – can help reduce blood pressure.
Vitamin A – keeps eyes and skin healthy and can protect against infections.
Vitamin C – helps heal cuts and keeps teeth and gums healthy.
Visit the United States Department of Agriculturefor a complete list of vegetables and their nutritional values.

Source:Aetna (Health Insurance) Health Tips


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