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If you keep pointing out flaws, if you keep on highlighting a persons shortcomings, if you continue to make a list of all that a person has done wrong, without forgiving them, you’ll notice that you won’t be able to love that person. It will be difficult to love them as long as you point out their every sin (not because you want to correct them in love and truth, but because you don’t like what they’ve done or because they’ve caused you pain). Check yourself. Do you have peace when you do this? Are you at peace with the person? Are you bitter towards them? Can you stand them or does the sight of them cause you to suddenly look like and become the Grinch?

How can the Christian life be lived without love?

Love in action.
You tell me you love me and I say
Show me.

Show grace.
Show mercy.
Give patience.
Be patient.

Be honest* something I’m working on.

BTW, I can say this because I was sure bitter, discontent, not inspired to forgive or love because I kept adding a persons faults to all the other shortcomings that this person made. When you tell the Lord everything, do what He says and forgive and love it can work out. I had to trust Him to handle my grievances, even though sometimes I tried to handle the issue on my own.

There’s a scripture…it says God acts on those who wait for Him. I’ll have to look it up and share it here ASAP.

-Tiffany Cole, 23


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