Sitting in a nail salon having my pedicure dried. I realize that there are only about 2 other people using the services of this salon besides me. I came because I’ll be going to a fancy event this weekend and the “host” would like for me to get my nails done. It was a temptation to get a pedi and a mani, but I resisted. I observed how the man was doing my toes and also how another worker was painting her own nails. I hope I remembered how they did the work that they do. I just may paint my own nails tonight. My point is the workers are here to offer their services, it is Tuesday afternoon and this saolon is not packed. Understandable givin it is 2:57PM and Tuesday. 

Just like me though, waiting for interested buyers for my art work, this salon does not have much service on a Tuesday afternoon.  

Which is why, I’ve considered applying for part time work.

Depending on, God is first. Next I depend on my dad. I’ve been working for him this year as his secretary. He pays me weekly when he can. When things are rough financially my pay decreases due to what other expenses he has. 

This is one reason why I think I need to get a part/full time job.
The next reason is due to my fiance. It seems he absolutely wants me to be working with a steady income. My art business is not yet there to supply a steady income. 

The salon and I are offering a service. However it is only for the people interested in that service


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