Jealousy Has a Remedy

It is Thankfulness.

Yes! Something so simple, so beneficial! Thankfulness. 

I’ve read todays our daily bread devotional, it focuses on jealousy. Sauls jealousy of David. I assume because he liked David in some way and that turned into jealousy. David killed Goliath, David ministered in music to Saul, God was with David and David was victorious in battle. So many reasons for Saul to be jealous of David. In today’s society though jealousy is known as not a good thing to have. I confess, I’ve been jealous.  It may happen to us at any time. I feel becoming jealous has happened more recently compared to in my past.

Jealous because I wanted what someone else had, yet jow I realize I just may have the better portion. Maybe, perhaps. But I thank God for that better portion. All this deals with wanting something in a relationship and not having that something as of yet, but seeing others having this something with that same person. Lord, You know. I thank You though for how things will work out. I thank You for that relationship.  It has been a first of many of my experiences, that have been a blessing not a curse.

Our Daily Bread • The Remedy for Jealousy 1 Samuel 18:5-15

The remedy to jealousy is thankfulness to God.”


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