May Solomon’s Prayer Become Our Prayer

Bible readers who have read the bible know about Solomon and his father David. The action of Solomon is what todays our daily bread devotional is about. Yet, it is a good action, one to be followed unlike his actions of having been king for some time and forgetting about his heavenly Father due to the various gods his many wives served and worshipped. 

Though I am pleased with todays devotional reading, it is hard for me too forget what Solomon did in forsaking his God to serve false gods.

Nevertheless, as Solomon said in first Kings, “…may our hearts be fully committed to the LORD our God, to live by his decrees and obey his commands…” (1 Kings 8:61 NIV). 

Can I get a amen?

At the beginning of the reading the author describes a situation that led him to look up the word “driven.” I like his response which is,  “…a driven person is someone highly motivated  to succeed and who will work hard to achieve his goals.” Excellent! 

Yet I must admit that recently there was a short time in which I felt unmotivated with my life.  As many of you may know from past blog posts, my life course has changed from my own plans – in more than one way,  but I am still grateful and thankful for where my life is now and for who is in my life.  Though few may not like my company, I am still grateful and thankful. For I remember, God knows the plans He had for me,  plans to prosper me and not to harm me,  plans to give me a hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11). Back to what I was sarong at first,  I felt unmotivated and as if I had no purpose. But I knew the truth, that God would not have saved me if I did not have more work to be done in my life. Work for His Kingdom, work for His glory. So, I am still here today, regardless of who the enemy may use to try to derail me from my purpose. 

So my next move is, other than seeking God first, is to do what Keila Ochoa says is a test that never fails, “Do it all for the glory of God.” (1 Corinthians 10:31). This is the same purpose for me art business, Scripture in Art (formerly PFLH Designs). Work unto God, work for God because work done for Him never goes to waste, which is what my earthly Dad has spoken to me. 

I pray and hope that this post was encouraging to you.  That if you are or have felt unmotivated know that if you are still alive, God has work for you to do. God has given you gifts of talent and many other things,  but what may be tough is seeking Him to know what it is He wants you to do with your life and in your life. If you don’t know your calling, seek God to find out.  It was hard for me to find out,  but seek God first. Do things to give Him glory. Listen to and for His voice. To hear God speak to me, through His Spirit, is something I am still praying for and trying to have,  because believe it or not, I still need God’s guidance, wisdom, direction and everything He is in my life – Daily. I need Him daily and I need all that He had for me daily. Not to be greedy, but I know He is a good good Father and what He has to give to me is good and perfect as is said in James chapter one.

Belive the best for yourself and for your life.  

My God is a good God.

Our God is a good God.

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