Being Lead Along the Way


Some of us know the story about Joseph in the old testament of the Bible. Each of us have had many reactions to what happened to Joseph.

The thing I appreciate about Joseph’s life is that God kept him, even through the actions of his older brothers, through the false accusation of a woman, and even when he was forgotten by the baker. Father God had a plan for his life and that plan was fulfilled. It is a great thing to know that if I am like Joseph in trusting God and being true to His word, He will fulfill His great plan for my life. The same is true for each person that honors God, keeps His word in their hearts and mind, and lives according to His ways.

Read Genesis chapter 37, 39-45 for Joseph’s account.

July 5th 2017

Our Daily Bread Devotional 

In the darkest hours of life, only through the eyes of faith can we see the loving hand of God.


It can be easy to miss the phenomenal change of perspective Paul states in today’s passage. His claims of righteousness were not empty boasts; he had followed God-given laws meticulously—literally to the letter. For Paul to say that all of that was worthless signifies change at a fundamental level. He changed from outward performance—doing (vv. 4–7)—to knowing Christ and what He had done (v. 8). 
For more on knowing Christ read, The Mind of Christ at J.R. Hudberg


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