Prayer First Saturday in February

“The intensity of your prayer life has to out weigh the attack that you are facing or that is affecting you. ”

“You’re supposed to change in His presence.” I have become more merciful. I will pray for you to have mercy from the Lord.

“Being a Christian does not remove pain. But being a Christian equips you to be able to go through it. Jesus said, In this life you will have tribulation. So, Expect it, but don’t accept it. Speak what God says until you see it. Believe it by faith.” Regardless of other outcomes.

Touch God with your faith, not your words.

Never put your faith in what you feel.

UPDATE: 2.12.2018 MONDAY

“Never put your faith in what you feel.”

Then what do I put my faith in?

God’s Word.

Which means you and I will have to read God’s Word, to know God’s word, that we may be able to put our faith in His Word.

#dialogue …


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