Book Review: Anywhere Faith by Heather C. King

This is my first time being part of a book club. Anywhere Faith is the book we are reading. So far being in the book club is going great! Yet, being as busy as I am, I am finding that I can’t read everyone’s responses to the questions being asked, but I know it is important to contribute by reading the book and then answering the questions for the chapter we are up to.

The book itself has been wonderful. I do not regret purchasing it. I have even wanted a loved one to read it as well, but I don’t think that they have the book. Still, I realize I am able to pray for that person. Nothing beats prayer!

Anywhere faith is about overcoming fear, insecurity, and excuses and saying yes to God. This is the tag line or sub-title under the title of the book. Do you think you should get this book and read just be reading this sub-title? If yes, I encourage you to get the book! I finished chapter six on Thursday. This up coming week the Our Daily Bread Book Club will be reading chapters seven and eight and then discussing questions asked at the end of the chapter. The book club is on Facebook; try typing Our Daily Bread Book Club. The book can be purchased on Amazon or on Our Daily Bread store: paperback only

For United States: You may order from Discovery House as well (Discovery House store: ebook & paperback)

For Canada: Order here

For Europe: Order here

For Malaysia: Order here

*Not receiving any monetary goods or supplies for writing this book review.*

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