Reviewing What Was

Actually, I looked back for a minute. To remember what I saw. Now it seems as if it is confirmed.

Looking back, maybe he wasn’t ready to be married.

He didn’t seem as excited to be married.

He was not excited about getting official engagement photos done.

He was happy about the story of engagement that was shared.

He wanted to wait to be married though. I thought there was good enough reason. But I look back and sadly, I compare. Those who have gotten engaged got married within the next year, not 5, 3 or 2 years later.

I do believe there are some cases where a couple may wait for two years, but personally I have not seen that with the many people I know who have gotten engaged and are now married.

Lastly, he seemed to be surprised I found a wedding dress.

Perhaps me finding that dress did something, yet, I don’t know what it did. God knows though.

Sadly, but thankfully, my story is different. God is still the author

People tell me that God has someone better and different. Someone I won’t be unequally yoked with.

Can I tell you all something?

I will. It is that I never thought that the relationship I was in was one that was unequally yoked.

He was a Christian, but he was Catholic. I am a Christian and I choose no denomination.

I’m at this place where I’ve prayed for something and I think it is just between God and I. I’m still waiting to hear what God has to say…


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