Youversion’s 9-Day Devotional: Finding Rest in A Busy World

Today is July 1st 2018 on this side of the world. I just finished reading the first day of the devotional Finding Rest in A Busy World.

This is my desire. Finding rest; true rest. One of my thoughts today went something like this: it’s easy for me to find work to do at times, especially at home. Yet, to rest, to sit still has become difficult for whatever reason.

This is why when I read Youversion’s scripture or verse of the day, I choose this plan which was below the verse.

[If you are familiar with Youversion, then you know how this looks and that more than one plan, is suggested below the verse of the day.]

Day One of this devotional is good, so good that it led to me sharing about the verse. At times I read a devotional and I want to share what is in it – to everyone! Still, I have not found a way to do that, but this post is a start. If you have Youversion and this post “clicks” with you or connects with you, go on over and start the plan. It’s free of cost. Though it may use phone data, and some other things. Surely I’d you have a way to get to it, get to it with a thumbs up and a high five from the author of this blog 🙂 .


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