Green Bananas

Jamaica, West Indies

It’s my background. It is part of the reason why it is part of my post today.

I have eaten boiled green bananas within the past few days and so I have been interested in what is said about green bananas on the net. Here’s my first post which is by Healthline.

Green Bananas: Good or Bad?

Jamaicans usually boil their green bananas for meals like breakfast and dinner. it can pretty much be eaten anytime. However, it really depends on the preference of the indidvidual and what their desires are for eating and lifestyle. These past few days eating green bananas is simple because I was with my mom and she shared her prepared food with me. Which I am thankful for.

Today, righ tat this moment I am having steamed fish, with steamed bami and two boiled green bananas. The taste of green bananas is a taste I am very used to and so I don’t mind eating it. I have been okay with eating it since forever, as far as I know.

Bami willhave to be of a new post because I know it is part of Jamaican food. My mom loves it. I don’t mind it – steamed. To me, the most popular way to make bami is to fry it. At the moment, I prefer steamed of baked.



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