Give – Scripture for the Day

The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor.
Proverbs 22:9 NIV

A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.
Proverbs 11:25 NIV


Nutella. Yum!

Yes. Nutella is actually delicious. When i first heard about it I wasn’t that enthusiastic about whatever this brown looking spread was. It wasn’t something I was used to. Even with the commercials that played when I was younger, as Nutella tried to make an impression on me I let the though of trying it pass by.

However, about a week ago I bought Nutella. It was 75% off in one of the Paradies Lagardere  company stores and I bought it. Why because it wasn’t the free chocolate samples this store always had on hand. My aim is to let go of candies and chocolates inorder to not have it be part of my daily consumption. So I got Nutella. It does have cocoa, but it also has hazelnuts and I really like hazelnuts. One treat I really like is the Ferrero Rocher chocolates, nutty chocolate covering a thin wafer, enclosing something like Nutella and then surprise a hazelnut inside! Then there are the white ones with white chocolate. Before I ever liked chocolate I always liked white chocolate. Now it was my first time ever trying this white version of my favorite treat and it was deliciousness. Absolute deliciousness *smile.* That white one is called Raffaello. These names are wonderful. God’s willing I hope to travel to my places of interest in the future.

So, Nutella.


› Sugar – 75% beet sugar and/or 25% refined cane sugar

Palm Oil – palm fruit oil

Hazelnuts – these nuts have history. They are “part of Ferrero’s roots.”

Cocoa – a sacred plant for the Aztecs. Who knew?!

Milk – skim milk powder is used in the making of Nutella

Lecithin – a natural emulsifier

Vanillin – in Nutella, synthetic vanillin is used.

Now, synthetic vanillin and refined cane sugar are the only two things I am not one hundred percent comfortable with. Yet, I’ll still eat Nutella because of the way it tastes on my palette. It’ll be not an everyday choice of spread, but it can certainly be a treat.

Check out the Nutella website at

After a quick search online about the Nutella nutrition facts, I’m not completely surprised of what I saw. First, it is not a healthy choice when compared to other nut butters. Other nut butters are said to be healthier. When looking at posts about Nutella be mindful of the words used regarding Nutella. Word’s can be used to make Nutella seem like crap. May be it is crap to some. Being new to the tastes of Nutella, I won’t deny myself its tastes. I will moderate though.

By the way, Nutella on its own is great. Plus, there are enough calories in a serving for us to have Nutella on it’s own! That’s a plus 1!

Here’s the post I read about Nutella (there is product advertising, it is your choice to try product. I have tried Shakeology, I can’t give it a thumbs down, but do know it became expensive for me continue buying.): Nutella from Beachbody Point of View