Quick Book Review

3: The Law of Value

Giving = way to success

Money should kit be the first question. First question should be is ‘does it serve? Does it give value to others?’

Expectation. Whatever I expect I will receive. If I expect to be bullied I will be bullied. If I expect to be respected I will be respected.

Kindness. Everyone deserves it, everyone can use it. ABSOLUTELY everyone, everywhere. No matter what.

Giving. Love. Service.

It is biblical I think. The book is The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann.

I came upon it by my interest in being mentored. A condition I now call it ūüėĄ is to read through this book. Which is actually smaller than I imagined, but the value inside is proving to be worth while. I’m even reading it after than The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.

Thankful to God I spent most of the hour reading the next portion of The Go-Gover before heading into work. Thank You Jesus.

Book Review: Anywhere Faith by Heather C. King

This is my first time being part of a book club. Anywhere Faith is the book we are reading. So far being in the book club is going great! Yet, being as busy as I am, I am finding that I can’t read everyone’s responses to the questions being asked, but I know it is important to contribute by reading the book and then answering the questions for the chapter we are up to.

The book itself has been wonderful. I do not regret purchasing it. I have even wanted a loved one to read it as well, but I don’t think that they have the book. Still, I realize I am able to pray for that person. Nothing beats prayer!

Anywhere faith is about overcoming fear, insecurity, and excuses and saying yes to God. This is the tag line or sub-title under the title of the book. Do you think you should get this book and read just be reading this sub-title? If yes, I encourage you to get the book! I finished chapter six on Thursday. This up coming week the Our Daily Bread Book Club will be reading chapters seven and eight and then discussing questions asked at the end of the chapter. The book club is on Facebook; try typing Our Daily Bread Book Club. The book can be purchased on Amazon or on Our Daily Bread store: paperback only, 

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Wonder Woman : Movie Review 

This week my fiance and I went to see the movie Wonder Woman. I did not grow up into watching or following the comic world, yet I must say, I  enjoyed this movie!

An article from CBN highlights five theological points that can be taken away from the movie.  I agree with what the author, Matt Mikalatos, wrote. He expounded on these 5 points:

  1. Humanity is made in the divine image…
  2. Humanity is also broken and terrible…
  3. Doing the right thing sometimes requires sacrifice.
  4. God sent us an example to emulate.
  5. Only love can save the world.

Here’s the post from the CBN website: Five Theological Points in Wonder Woman We Can Agree On.

I must admit this movie has caused me to think about the book of Genesis in the Bible where it talks about the gods mating with men and this creating half god half man creatures. This though came to mind because of the possibility of Wonder Woman and the spy possibly having intercourse from one scene. Thank God that the viewers did not see this scene, so whatever happened was left to the imagination.

Wonder Woman is still out in theatres! So if you can go catch it. I suggest purchasing a matinée ticket if you are into saving cash.

Book Review: The Bridge by Karen Kingsbury

*Hello there, just want to let you know that this post becomes a discussion post about The Bridge and less of a book review after the first three paragraphs.

Yesterday I finished reading this book- The Bridge by Karen Kingsbury. It’s the first novel I’ve read for the summer and it was very interesting. It’s been some time now since I last read novels, especially one written by Karen Kingsbury. While reading I noticed my thoughts weren’t as they used to be. However, there’s no doubt that I enjoyed reading it and if you’re a reader who likes books written by Kingsbury, I think you’d enjoy it too.

The two things I noticed about my thoughts is, 1: I didn’t imagine this story, playing out in my life and being my story. That may be because I recognize that I have a story of my own, as I shared in a recent post, where Jesus is definitely author and I’m like co-author or participant. 2nd: I’m involved in a romantic relationship and have been for over a year so it was like I didn’t need to picture what was playing out for the main characters could happen for me also.

There’s no need to look for or want a story different from my own when I am thankful for my own story and know that God is involved. It’s the same for those who try to find escape from their own lives in movies or novels instead of using it for entertainment or fun.

Do We Make a Mess of Our Own Blessings?

In The Bridge, Molly decided to wear her mother’s wedding band on her ring finger so she would not be pitied by Ryan (her love interest from college) whom she assumed would be married and have children. She also wore the ring to protect herself and I think, to shield her heart from the hurt she would’ve had if she saw Ryan had moved on and forgot about her. The only thing is, Ryan wasn’t married. He had no children. For a few chapters only us readers and the elder couple know this, Ryan respects that shes married and has a husband, so he controls himself from acting inappropriately towards Molly. All the while Molly allows him to make the assumption that she is married and yet never corrects him until their night at The Bridge. (The Bridge is a Bookstore that has impacted many of its customers; however after a disastrous storm the owner struggles to get it open again.)

What would’ve happened if Molly never missed her flight the night she was supposed to leave to go back home? What if Ryan gave up in the parking lot of the hospital and never pursued her?

Because of the ring on Molly’s ring finger, it gave the impression that she was married. She belonged to someone else and not the man she fell in love with in college – the man that still loved her.

We don’t know what we’ll face in the future ; especially when situations like this happen.

My hope is that the decision and choices we make involve trusting God even if the future holds possible hurt.

I also hope we will make an effort in getting clarity before making a decision based on assumptions. I’ve made a decision without being clear of the situation and i can say its not the best thing to do. Today I’m glad those decisions weren’t life changing and though they were small, the experience gave me the opportunity to learn from them.

Book Review: Between Sundays by Karen Kingsbury

My first summer read and it’s coming close to the end of July. Either way I’m glad I choose this book because in the end and on the last day of reading it, it gave me hope for my own personal situations.

The two main scriptures that gave me a peaceful hope this morning was Jeremiah 29:11 and 1 John 4:18. In the story it is these two scriptures that confirm the events that are happening in Megan Gunns life, one of the main characters, life. They confirm that all along despite her expectation of heaven being where her hope and future lies, God has a hope and future for her while she’s living on this earth. Also that she can love and trust the 49er football player Aaron Hill, not just because of how much he has changed, but because perfect love casts out fear.

Truly this fiction story is centered on an eight-year-old boy named Cory Briggs.
He is the child of a woman named Amy. Yet, He becomes the foster child of Megan Gunn. Cory’s character is vibrant and free, just as any eight-year-old should be. Throughout the story, he holds on with such a faith, that shows clearly what Jesus meant by, whoever doesn’t have faith as a child cannot enter the kingdom of God. Regardless of what logical thinking adults have to say about his beliefs, Cory never lets go of what his mother prayed for and told him.

Other themes in the story are foster care, football, and family. This novel brings attention to foster care and the struggles of those who exit the foster care system without a supportive familial foundation or financial foundation.

This novel raises awareness of the Alex Smith foundation and foster care. For more information on the foundation visit AlexSmithFoundation.org

Between Sundays
Karen Kingsbury
Copyright 2007 Zondervan
ISBN-13: 978-0-310-25772