Go Ahead

Let it out

Stop holding it back

For you give more pressure to that brain of yours

Let it go

You’ve remembered that He catches your every tear

He holds it, He sees it and He cares

The almighty God cares about these tears that you’ve been holding back

But you don’t need to put more pressure on that precious brain if yours


Let it go

Let the tears fall

He catches them

T age 27

“Improve Your Mental Health”

Improve Your Mental Health article by Integrative Nutrition

First two links contain the improve your mental health reading. While the last link is for you to check out Integrative Nutrition.

Caring for Hair

Just finished reading this article. My hair has been “African-American” or black natural for more than four years yet it is now that I have to re-educate my self on how to care for it and style it. This past week I have been wearing wigs which is a protective style. My hair is hidden away underneath a new style. If like to get a style with purple hair and bangs, but this will have to wait for a few weeks.

Check out this article by Curl Centric on natural hair.