About Him

Good day readers, right now it’s morning in New York so good morning to those in the East coast.

In have no idea how long I’ve been away…all I have to do though, is look at the date of the last post I made.

I’m here this morning to share part of my devotional because what I’ve read, I believe and agree with.

This is a screenshot of the You Version devotional Always In Control with of by Tony Evans.


Sustains and develops that which He brings into existence.

Months ago, sometime last year I believe, I came to the continuing belief that God is taking care of me. I am aware that my blood says that I have sickle cell disease. Doctors have blamed this disease to be the reason of my stroke in December 2015, that in conjunction with the stress I was experiencing at that time. Possibly brought on by cold temperatures when I worked in a fish market for a few hours. Oh what a story guys!

After the stroke and recovery of the skills that I lost, skills I had that I grew accustomed to like walking and control of how my body rids itself of waste (liquid and firm). After all of that I was told that I will either have to take hydroxyurea or get blood exchanges for 7 years, according to my doctor. I think my last exchange was in 2019. 2019 was also the year that I had my ventral port removed. Which means absolutely no exchanges. For the ventral port gave nurses access to my blood in order to do an exchange. That ventral port was connected to a vein…I’m not exactly sure but it caused a vein in my neck to stand…all this being said, I believed and still do believe that God will take care of me, for He created me, He knew the seed and egg owners and He knew I would be created. So I trust Him to take care of me. He sustains and develops that which He has brought into existence.

Hallelujah, glory and praise be to the absolutely most high God.

Go Ahead

Let it out

Stop holding it back

For you give more pressure to that brain of yours

Let it go

You’ve remembered that He catches your every tear

He holds it, He sees it and He cares

The almighty God cares about these tears that you’ve been holding back

But you don’t need to put more pressure on that precious brain if yours


Let it go

Let the tears fall

He catches them

T age 27

Caring for Hair

Just finished reading this article. My hair has been “African-American” or black natural for more than four years yet it is now that I have to re-educate my self on how to care for it and style it. This past week I have been wearing wigs which is a protective style. My hair is hidden away underneath a new style. If like to get a style with purple hair and bangs, but this will have to wait for a few weeks.

Check out this article by Curl Centric on natural hair.