I Want You

Longing for God

To finally want God above anything and anyone else is seen as an accomplishment in my own eyes. Last night I wondered about hearing from God and the way I want to hear from Him. Through His Word is certainly a way, but what about making decisions and choices via the Holy Spirit inside of you (or me). What happens when you draw closer to God by reading His Word continuously, or live in thanksgiving for the blessings He gives to us and actually do what His Word says; what Jesus says. Would we be finally closer to the lover of our souls, to God our creator? I believe we would be.

Weekend Projects & Ravellenics

Revellenics was introduced to me through another WordPress blogger. I had no clue what it was but there’s still time to join the challenge. I’ve found a pattern that’s very simple and fits the yarns and needles that I already have (so there won’t be any shopping trips to Michaels or any other craft store.

Here’s what I’ve chosen to do so far Simple Lace Headband byknittingmemad

Weekend Projects
•Hat •Victorian Pink Ruffles •Cotton Candy (Cowl?)

Knitted Coasters!

In my last Update post I mentioned that I will start knitting again and with that I’ll be posting pictures of the projects and patterns I’ve tried or hope to try one day.

Here are  two coasters I knitted about a month ago. The small Blue-Lime (the one on the right side of the 1st photo below) coaster is my favorite because of the colors but mostly because of how the pattern came out. Pattern: Ribbing (knit 2, then purl 2, and repeat)

This lavender coaster was requested by my sister. Half way through knitting this one I forgot if I left off at a knit row or a purl row, which is why it looks sort of uneven.

For the large Blue-Lime coaster, I used US size 10 needles.

25 Stitches

Half way finished


On Display

Thanks for viewing. Happy Knitting 🙂 & Be blessed.