At this moment,

I thinking about there being two of me.

The work I do seems to take up so much time.



T age 26


Shared Word

Today’s devotional topic is about recognizing that although many of us are different [or the same] in race, color or ethnicity we are all created by God. He knows every single one of us and He does not rank us to see who should receive His love – no, He loves us all the same. With a GREAT love. Jesus said He will never turn away those who come to Him regardless of how our outward appearance looks.” – Tiffany Cole
Our Daily Bread: Where Did I Come From? June 8. 2013
John 6:36

Age 20

In Time

I could wish that you would come to your senses

That you would consider why we are where we are now



I do believe that this is God’s will.

Tough. Maybe,

Determined also.

This is what I have to be

To keep myself from feeling sad all over again

In time,

We will see


We may see how we are doing

God will certainly see.

He knows all things.

He sees all things.

As a result of how I felt about you, I still want the best for you.

I may be a tid-bit foolish, but I know God is my help in dealing with this.

Age 25


Sometimes life happens.

Things get in the way of you accomplishing your plans,  your plans change or you have to take a detour. Life happens.  For example, in April, my sister was hospitalized and visiting her daily was something that kept me from exercising, saving money, and working to get things done at home. This that I had planned to do. 


at 25 years