Sometimes life happens.

Things get in the way of you accomplishing your plans,  your plans change or you have to take a detour. Life happens.  For example, in April, my sister was hospitalized and visiting her daily was something that kept me from exercising, saving money, and working to get things done at home. This that I had planned to do. 


at 25 years


Movie Review: Old Fashioned

Writer: Rik Swartzwelder

Director: Rik Swartzwelder

Producer: Dave DeBorde, Nini Hadjis, Nathan Nazario, Rik Swartzwelder

This movie aired in June of this year (2015). I’ve wanted to see it for some time now and finally had the chance and the time to check it out. It’s a nice movie. A man who as a past that he is regretful and ashamed of, changes and becomes a man who is respectable and holds a standard that seems to so high – perhaps one can only have it through passion. A woman who in the end learns how to deal with life’s messes and not run away once she’s secured enough to fill her gas tank and drive to, “wherever the wind blows.”

The acting is believable to me, and I was not disappointed by the storyline. If you don’t like Christian films because they tend to be “low-budget,” give this movie a try… It’s realistic, it’s possible (I believe), and it’s sweet. May I add romantic to the list? Just don’t get upset if your story isn’t scripted like this one. And who doesn’t want something like this?

Being a Christian female, I have searched the internet for answers, and ways of doing things regarding dating and being in a romantic relationship and being a wife & mother way, before I was even in a relationship. This movie captures the idea of dating that I’ve read about. In example: maintaining purity, dating with the intent of getting married, respecting each other in such a way that would not cause their future spouse to cringe…

Being in a relationship now…well, I can say, no matter how hard we try to be perfect, pure and do things in a calculated fashion with this it’s complicated…What is the perfect way? To love as Christ did – sacrificially…

But without sin, without falling short, without getting it wrong and messing up, how would we know the grace and forgiveness of God? How would we know His love? And how would we know how to truly forgive others the way God forgives?

What Is Respect? (23 Quote)

What is respect in a relationship? What does it look like? If you’re looking for answers, sorry, I don’t have them yet. But I intend on seeking the One(Jesus) who knows…

I’ve searched online for what respecting women means in the sphere of Chriatianity…yet the results that came up were articles similiar to, “How To Respect Your Husband More.” But I’m not married. Another search turned out a little better with one of the many resluts saying, “What Does The Bible Say About Respecting Women?”

Anyway, I’m just wondering, What does it look like? And when a man gives it to his woman or the women in his life(mom, aunt(s), sister(s), cousin(s)) What does it look like?

Respect: (N) a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements:

admire (someone or something) deeply, as a result of their abilities, qualities, or achievements: (Oxford Dictionaries)

Here is a list of scriptures on respecting women by OpenBible that I found and intend to finish reading. The first few verses shed some light.

Peace for now.

Jesus is Lord ❤

Used To. Will It Be Back?

I used to dream of being a woman that cooked great meals
A woman that worked with her hands
A woman with great friends, a husband, and children
A house pecked with children
A home of hospitality

I liked the homes and gardens spread throughout the Better Homes & Gardens magazine
Every picture of a lighted room
The living room, kitchen, bathroom
I think only recently the bedroom
All rooms with breathing space
Tidy and organized
Tidy and organizations, because that’s how I liked things

But I realized, a home with children
Isn’t always so and span
My grandmother’s home was ALWAYS spotless
She worked in a hospital
All get children were grown
And she had gran kids
Even so get home was still spotless
It was also cold,
Cold and clean

So I dreamed of a beautiful house
One to share
A family that expressed God’s love – everywhere & to everyone
A family that was hospitable
A God glorifying marriage

I was younger than 23
I have seen and believe
God can do it
He can do anything
He answers prayers
There’s no reason for me to think or believe that He does not answer
Our dies not fulfill the dies of our hearts

But Lord,
what happened to, “ask what you will that your joy may be full,” ?

So at the beginning of this post I shared dreams and things that I was happy about or had joy about, at 23, for some reason it seems to have changed.

Part of me wants to go back.
But so much has changed
Life moves on
Time continues
Seasons change
Lord, help me to adjust and move forward, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

23 Quote

If you keep pointing out flaws, if you keep on highlighting a persons shortcomings, if you continue to make a list of all that a person has done wrong, without forgiving them, you’ll notice that you won’t be able to love that person. It will be difficult to love them as long as you point out their every sin (not because you want to correct them in love and truth, but because you don’t like what they’ve done or because they’ve caused you pain). Check yourself. Do you have peace when you do this? Are you at peace with the person? Are you bitter towards them? Can you stand them or does the sight of them cause you to suddenly look like and become the Grinch?

How can the Christian life be lived without love?

Love in action.
You tell me you love me and I say
Show me.

Show grace.
Show mercy.
Give patience.
Be patient.

Be honest* something I’m working on.

BTW, I can say this because I was sure bitter, discontent, not inspired to forgive or love because I kept adding a persons faults to all the other shortcomings that this person made. When you tell the Lord everything, do what He says and forgive and love it can work out. I had to trust Him to handle my grievances, even though sometimes I tried to handle the issue on my own.

There’s a scripture…it says God acts on those who wait for Him. I’ll have to look it up and share it here ASAP.

-Tiffany Cole, 23