Yes, Going First

This thing of going first is risky at times.

It is going first with risk of what you give not being seen or accepted.

Going first comes with the risk of being vulnerable.

Going first is not easy for some of us.

It requires us to be, what some would say, mature.

Going first is loving first.

Pushing past the hurt of what another person said or did and still choosing to love them. Loving them because you and I, we know it is right and we know it is what Abba requires of us.

From experience I can admit that going first is certainly hard. I thought that the more I went first the easier it would become, but I’m finding out now that is not how it works. So now,  I consider my flesh dying. My flesh, the past of me that is selfish, that only thinks about myself, that cares little about others, that hates other people. Galatians chapter 5 gives a greater description of the flesh and also of the Holy spirit.

Todays devotional talks about going first, loving first. God, Abba, heavenly Father,  Jehovah loved His creation first. He loves us first at all times.

This morning I realized He loves me more than my fiancé does. I see that my fiancé loves me,  but by events I now see that my soon to be husbands love for me is not greater than God’s love for me. God’s love for me is something I can be content in and content with. It is a journey for me to say something like this, because I know how important it is to keep God first in my heart and by my actions.

When I have children, I will have to love them first.

After loving God and after loving my husband – as is taught by the Lord knows who, because I don’t know where or who it came from.

1 John 4:7-21 July 6 2017 ODB

Wonder Woman : Movie Review 

This week my fiance and I went to see the movie Wonder Woman. I did not grow up into watching or following the comic world, yet I must say, I  enjoyed this movie!

An article from CBN highlights five theological points that can be taken away from the movie.  I agree with what the author, Matt Mikalatos, wrote. He expounded on these 5 points:

  1. Humanity is made in the divine image…
  2. Humanity is also broken and terrible…
  3. Doing the right thing sometimes requires sacrifice.
  4. God sent us an example to emulate.
  5. Only love can save the world.

Here’s the post from the CBN website: Five Theological Points in Wonder Woman We Can Agree On.

I must admit this movie has caused me to think about the book of Genesis in the Bible where it talks about the gods mating with men and this creating half god half man creatures. This though came to mind because of the possibility of Wonder Woman and the spy possibly having intercourse from one scene. Thank God that the viewers did not see this scene, so whatever happened was left to the imagination.

Wonder Woman is still out in theatres! So if you can go catch it. I suggest purchasing a matinée ticket if you are into saving cash.