Babies are blessings.

I think my sister said something similar to that opening statement.

Having a new nephew born this past Wednesday, I am very happy and perhaps even joyful. Even while I’m here visiting him, and also trying to fit in my first appointment for a wedding gown, I am still content. Though things are not going as I hoped, I have prayed that today will go God’s way and I’ll take it the way it comes.

Babies are blessings. Babies are blessings from the Lord, I believe this is true. Having a new nephew… I thinks makes me want a child of my own even more. I’m excited, and I think I can wait until my time comes.

Also, am I the only one that enjoys the mixing of genes? The biological or anatomical aspect of it. The mixing if two groups of genes from two individuals. I think it’s pretty awesome! 😁