Back to School

So yes today marks the day when some college students go back to school and I’m pretty sure the overall mood of returning to school is at it’s all time low. I certainly could have used a couple of more days to relax and enjoy the wonderful spring weather that’s starting to pop up in some places.

Anyway if you read from my older blog( you would know that I had another chemistry test coming up and that I totally flunked the first exam. Well I took exam two before spring break and I got the result today. Can yall guess how great I did on exam2? can ya guess??? Well if you guessed that I scored an “A” then I’m sorry but your wrong. I got a 61. I know it’s still terrible but it is better than the 43 I got on the last exam, although my scores aren’t even close to the passing grades I’m still trying to keep my head up.

Besides going back to school and seeing another horrible grade, today was okay. Nothing  dramatic happened…learned a little more about someone I thought I knew enough of and got back in touch with an old childhood friend.

everything is breezy in my life right now –Tia*

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