Foundations of Relationships

The enemy of all mankind the devil doesn’t like to see anyone have a good relationship.
-Protect your relationships.
-Love is the FOUNDATION upon which relationships are built. 1Cor 13:1-13.
-Truth (Honesty and Integrity) are the BUILDING BLOCKS for relationships. John 14:6; 8:32.
-Communication CONFIRMS, SUSTAINS and MAINTAINS relationships. 1 Cor 1:10; Acts 2:44-47.
-Agreement is the POWER in relationships. Amos 3:3; Acts 2:1-4, 4:32-35; 1:8.
-Christ at the CENTER is the VICTORY in all relationships.
John 15:5 Jesus said:
…for without me all of you can do nothing.
1 Cor 15:57
But thanks be to God, Who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.
+++Blessed you are and blessed you will always be and to the Lord Jesus Christ be all the glory. Amen!

Strategies For Fighting Sexual Sin:An Excerpt and Experience

Found some helpful information for fighting sexual sin. Even something many people see as small, simple and not having a damaging effect on the heart, soul or body: making out. The kiss that last for more than 30 seconds, the kiss that can lead to foreplay and may be involved in foreplay, the kiss that lasts longer than two minutes. The kiss that the Holy Spirit just maybe telling you to maybe stop participating in.

Making out isn’t clearly define in the bible as a sin. But if you know and have the Holy Spirit you know the experience of having Him convict you or nudge you that something isn’t right or maybe you should stop. My life so far with the Holy Spirit has taught me that He is specific. If you need to apologize to someone he can and will point it out. If to reconcile a relationship, He’ll point it out. If to show love or patience, he’ll point it out.If you have grieved Him, you’ll know.

Being in a relationship for over a year now, I say to those seeking purity: The fight to maintain purity among those who see certain behavior has nothing big or dangerous is tough. Remeber, God is tougher. He is strong. He loves you. He is willing to be your help. Many call Him warrior, that He is. Many call Him a refuge and a shelter, that He is. Many call Him comforter, that He is. He is compassionate and considering. Cry to Him if you need to. Praise Him always. He’s worthy of our praise even when we don’t know what to do, or how to handle what’s hurting us.

Here’s a few pointers in excerpt form form the article I mentioned earlier and the link to the entire article that should recommend be read completely because it has supporting and encouraging info and it holds more than the list it seems to be in this excerpt.

1. Recognize that sexuality is a good gift from God.

2. Recognize that Biblical prohibitions are intended to protect something precious not deny something pleasant.

3. Believe God is for you.

4. Ponder the eternal danger of lust.

5. Think often that God has given you even now many good things.

6. Preach to yourself that there is more joy in God’s presence than in sin. Transpose desire.

7. Realize that lust disables and weakens our capacity for higher spiritual joys with God.

8. Don’t ask, What’s wrong with it? Ask: Does it maximize my experience of the power of Christ, my enjoyment of his fellowship, my perception of his beauty, my reflection of his glory?

9. Cultivate a passionate devotion to the honor of God’s name.

10. Develop a worldview that views absolutely everything in relation to God.

11. (For singles) Recognize that sexual relations are not essential to full personhood and happiness.

12. (For the married) Recognize that God designed marriage to be a living parable of his commitment to the church.

13. Be vigilant over your eyes. Avoid unnecessary stimulation.

14. Look on the opposite sex as eternal persons. Realize that lust inevitably depersonalizes and despiritualizes people.

15. Think often that Christ suffered agony for your purity. Fight image with image. Christ crying in agony.

16. Beware of assuming past successes guarantee future purity.

17. Beware of feeling above accountability.

18. Do not be excessively alone.

19. Get in a group where you exhort one another every day against the deceitfulness of sin.

20. Memorize many scriptures.

22. Read the great literature of devotion, biography, etc.
‘When I read the stories of how much others have suffered and fought and struggled and achieved measures of joy and holiness and fruitfulness in fellowship with God it makes me want to give my all to this quest and settle for nothing less than all that a saved sinner can be for the glory of Christ.’

23. Never assume that you are above suffering or that you deserve relief through sin. The pitfall of powerful self-pity.

24. Get busy with some task.

25. Pray at all times in the Spirit for God’s deliverance.

26. Be encouraged; God is patient.

Strategies For Fighting Sexual Sin

Be Blessed & Stay Strong

Your Own Story

Why do I worry or stress about the future? For the past few days, mixed with the last week too probably…

The story isn’t over, it’s still being written.
Glory to God

Originally written March 5th 2015.

The above paragraph is only an excerpt of my response to an article I read on Nitty Gritty Love titled”>God Is In Control of The Surprises. After reading that post I prayed to God about trusting Him and His plans regarding my relationship with my boyfriend.

Reading Michelle Lindsey’s post on how her life turned out and how she met her husband reminded me of something I recently learned. As recent as within the last few months of this year.

Before I ever really started dating I read so many stories of how God worked in the lives of those wanting to be married or those interested in a special someone romantically. Aside from the posts I read on girltalk and peaceful single girl I read the book Quest for Love by Elizabeth Elliot. That books is a great read! So I recommended it, especially if you are single or in a romantic relationship.

I used to become frustrated sometimes because my story wasn’t looking like the ones I read about or saw around me. What I read and saw seemed right, so much so that it seemed like the only way to go about dating. I’ve learned though that each person has a story of their own. The way that our lives unfold are not the same though they may be similar in some circumstances. I’ve learned to appreciate the story God is writing for my life and that it is unique; filled with its own struggles, victories, miracles, answered prayers, times or waiting, times of forgiveness and times of learning.

Father I’m grateful for the plans You have for me.

The stories and testimonies of others lives and Your hand in them only add to the beauty You have created. It shows that You work in many different ways, especially if we let You have Your way in our lives and trust You. It’s no easy journey, but we learn a lot along the way.

My closing point is, enjoy the way your story is unfolding.
Just because it doesn’t look like the successful relationship of a close friend or relative doesn’t mean that God’s hand is not present and it doesn’t mean that your own relationship won’t be successful.

So I’ll enjoy the way my story is unfolding. Trusting in who God is: faithful, compassionate, caring, absolutely loving, and patient. Trusting His promises.

(For those of us who are not single, but not married yet either. There are many readings about singleness and marriage, but what about the in between? With God’s word and my experiences I hope this will be a blessing to those, who like me have at once become frustrated by seeing so much directed to singleness and marriage, but not exactly the in between. Scripture on singleness and marriage are still beneficial to read about because there’s nothing wrong with preparing!)

Pray. Talk to God.
Love God.

“Toxic Guys”

Having been part of a purity program a few years ago how could I not share this post. For all men and women desiring to honor God in how and who they date: read this post. For the men and women struggling with past or current relationships with “toxic girls” or “toxic guys”, this post offers great advice.
I just finished reading it and now I’m sharing it with you.

Peaceful Single Girl


A woman asked me to do a post about “toxic guys” – how to avoid them and how to get over them.

Well, that is actually a lot more simple than it may seem.  Not easy if you are not currently living completely for Christ – but it is simple.

1. Seek God first!!!!

2. Ask God to change YOU to be the woman of His dreams!  Be a godly woman.  Be prepared to be a godly wife!  Learn what godly femininity is and ask God to regenerate your heart and soul and mind for His glory.

3. Seek only godly men.   Do NOT think you can change a guy.  Find a man who is already living boldly for Christ.

WHAT IS A “TOXIC GUY”? – Here is my definition!

Any guy who is friends with the world – who is living for himself and for pleasure and for…

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