Curlformers Experience

I don’t want this post to be counterintuitive with the other information available on YouTube, and other blogs, So I will just share my opinion on the product and some pictures. 

This is how the package looks

“preview” How it should/can look while setting.

The Truth: This is not comfortable to sleep in, so I will not be  setting my hair frequently with this product. Out of all the videos I watched and the blogs I read about curlformers, I don’t remember anyone mentioning that sleeping with Curlformers in your hair will be uncomfortable. So I’ll make sure it is said: Sleeping with Curlformers is UNCOMFORTABLE. 

Buuut I must say it was worth it, tell me what’cha think…

Here's the top of my head. Pretty neat.Here's the back of my head. I had to fluff the back out a little bit, to show more volume.The side. Another picture of the results.

Here's the back of my head. I had to fluff the back out a little bit, to show more volume.

Another picture of the results.The side.
Last Picture

The results came out better than I expected them to. The product itself is easy to use. So although they are a pain to sleep in, I will be using Curlformers again.( …just won’t be sleeping in them). For the whole set the price I paid was – $60.00.  In a way it was worth paying that amount because I won’t be the only person in my household using this product(long story short, there is a professional hair dresser in the household-that is not me). Plus if there is any hair product(oils/creams/gels) build up the spiral pieces can be washed(I’m thinking in warm soapy water).

Thank you for reading. 🙂
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                                                –   Tia



New Categories Are Coming!

Hello everyone I hope you’re all having a wonderful summer.

I’ve been thinking about adding two new categories to blog about. The first one would be about books that I’ve recently read. Basically it will be me discussing what I liked or did not like about a book that I’ve read or am currently reading. A book review.

The second category will be about natural curly/coily hair. That is the natural texture of my hair. I’ve been reading other blogs(listed in my blogroll) and watching YouTube videos about natural curly/coily(cc) hair, after all my hair is also naturally cc. It feels good to be able to finally relate to others about caring and styling my hair.  Reading these blogs and watching the YouTube videos even give me support when I don’t have it from my family or friends, it reassures  me that there is nothing wrong with the hair I was born with, even if others believe differently.

So I’ve finally decided to join the natural hair online community and offer my experience on having a non lye,texture treated, relaxed  head of hair. That sounds a bit defensive and rough, so nothing to or against those who have perms or texture treatments 🙂 I permed my hair for a few years before I decided to go natural, I am just excited about this, having more support and being able to relate to others about my hair – it’s exciting! 😀

So be on the look out for book reviews, posts about my natural hair( and possibly yours) AND for pictures for both the book reviews and my hair.

Thanks for reading