He May Have Won The Battle, But Not The War…Not The War!!

Shes reading “The List” by Sherri Lewis while on the bus heading home. Shes sitting in the back and there’s a woman on her left and a ma on her right. Her only interest at that moment was to continue reading that book( cuz ya know when she lands her hands on a good book she doesn’t want to take her eyes off it lol). So the bus still has a while to go before she reaches her stop. At this point the man to her right asks her ” excuse me do you know how long it will take this bus to reach its final destination”. She answers the man politely even though she’s thinking why is this man bothering me?, can’t he see that I’m READING! so anyway she answers ” about another 20minutes too a half hour before this bus reaches its final destination”. He continues to talk to her even though she has redirected her attention to the novel she has in her hands. Five minutes pass and she starts to notice that the man at her right is fidgeting way too much…she’s contemplating whether or not she should find another seat or just continue reading. She choose to continue reading. After about another 2minutes the man starts to ask her questions about what she’s reading? and are you gaining anything from it? he goes on and on and on and on. She’s having patience with this guy…she’s answering his questions trying to defend herself because whatever this guy is trying to do is not friendly. AT ALL! he comes to start talking about the Bible. You can tell when a stranger has good intentions or bad intentions with the way they are talking to you. It’s the tone of voice, the words they use,…something just isn’t right. Somthin’s not right…For the life of her as a christian she first vibe she got from this was negative. Although she tried to defend herself and God and the scripture…but then she started to think what if this is God trying to send me a message(because at this stage of her life she’s depending on God to answer her prayers and take her out of confusion) what if I’m talking to this guy for a reason…

you see the thing is…when she got home and took a walk, and listened to this service her biological father told her to listen to a couple of days ago, she knew what went wrong. But now God has tought her another lesson and she will keep this lesson close just like all the other ones.

THANKS BE TO GOD, ALL THE GLORY, HONOR AND PRAISE, FOR SAVING ME ONCE AGAIN, for keeping me and holding me and ALWAYS  protecting me, even if it’s from myself.

This is a long story, so please pardon me. Feel free to comment on your opinions if your interested. 

When you get a chance listen to what I listened to: The Potter’s House,T.D. Jakes The Blood Speaks. Google it if you can, it is honestly a great sermon. Thanks for reading Love to ALL.