Morning Scripture

Now to Him who is able to [carry out His purpose and] do superabundantly more than all that we dare ask or think [infinitely beyond our greatest prayers, hopes, or dreams], according to His power that is at work within us,

Used To. Will It Be Back?

I used to dream of being a woman that cooked great meals
A woman that worked with her hands
A woman with great friends, a husband, and children
A house pecked with children
A home of hospitality

I liked the homes and gardens spread throughout the Better Homes & Gardens magazine
Every picture of a lighted room
The living room, kitchen, bathroom
I think only recently the bedroom
All rooms with breathing space
Tidy and organized
Tidy and organizations, because that’s how I liked things

But I realized, a home with children
Isn’t always so and span
My grandmother’s home was ALWAYS spotless
She worked in a hospital
All get children were grown
And she had gran kids
Even so get home was still spotless
It was also cold,
Cold and clean

So I dreamed of a beautiful house
One to share
A family that expressed God’s love – everywhere & to everyone
A family that was hospitable
A God glorifying marriage

I was younger than 23
I have seen and believe
God can do it
He can do anything
He answers prayers
There’s no reason for me to think or believe that He does not answer
Our dies not fulfill the dies of our hearts

But Lord,
what happened to, “ask what you will that your joy may be full,” ?

So at the beginning of this post I shared dreams and things that I was happy about or had joy about, at 23, for some reason it seems to have changed.

Part of me wants to go back.
But so much has changed
Life moves on
Time continues
Seasons change
Lord, help me to adjust and move forward, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

That Time of The Year Again; IT’S CRUNCH TIME BABY!

That Time of The Year Again; IT’S CRUNCH TIME BABY!

Lol, I just felt like announcing that to the world. If you don’t know what exactly I’m talking about its SCHOOL.

Tips I have to keep in mind( and you too):

Stay Positive!

Set a Goal and Keep it.My goal for this semester, NO MATTER WHAT!, is to pass all my classes, with above average grades.

Believe! this one is very important.

Stay Away from the people who bring you down. and keep you from achieving your goals.

Keep believing! Don’t let people try to kill your dreams, they’re sucking the life outta you without even realizing it.  

Stay with people who inspire and encourage you to do better.

Don’t stress too much. Have fun. Relax. Don’t back down.

 –  TC