A Reminder to Be Kind


 Whenever I feel like being merciless and unkind to someone this verse always puts a stop to that action. God has been so merciful, kind, loving and forgiving to me how can I not live the way He wants me to according to His Word.  In some time or another I’m sure we all need Ephesians 4:32 to remind us to live in a godly manner, (being the light of the world and the salt of the earth) by forgiving and loving just as God has forgiven and loved us; His children(to become God’s child go here). We are not all perfect, but we can strive to please God with our lives.

PS. What is so interesting is that I was supposed to do a drawing for this verse but I never got to it…lets just say someone got to it before me…I’m glad they did. I hope this verse encourages you to be kind and to forgive others just as God forgave you. 🙂