My Story: Don’t Take For Granted

I appreciate certain things more because I had the opposite of those things.

Give God thanks,
If you live together with family in peaceand ate able to trust them, because I know what it’s like to live with members of family that could not be trusted because items disappeared without notice and lies were told.

Give God thanks,
if the walls of your home are filled with laughter daily- our almost so because I know what it’s like to live with a family that bickered too often, fought physically and verbally- too often, was slow to forgive and quick to malice and or spite the one they had an argument with.

Give God thanks,
for your nights of peaceful and safe sleep because there were nights I and others(including a sibling) couldn’t sleep because of fighting – physical fights sometimes and other times, unhushed verbal arguments.

Give God thanks,
for having breakfast, lunch and dinner regardless of how hard it may have been to get it. Sometimes those who live in homes don’t always have that safety of knowing there’ll be a satisfying or full meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It wasn’t that bad where I lived. Growing up, many nights we (many family) had plates full of food- I think it was always Jamaican food (yum, yum 🙂 ) and other kinds of foods when we ordered take out or when I cooked. But in recent years things became tough. Sometimes my mom bought take-out…I do remember times when my mom wasn’t home and my dad gave what he had left to order take-out or buy groceries so we could cook something.

For the year or so when my dad was no longer living with us: meals weren’t certain and there wasn’t much provision to cook something as there was in the past. Years before this time I learned to eat what’s available when there’s no money to buy what I really wanted to eat or felt like eating. I learned to eat what was already in the house, sometimes the canned foods, frozen or dry items that were ignored and looked over when there was plenty. In those times I got rid of my scorn for foods I didn’t want. I learned that I was wrong all those times as a child when I whined and said, “There’s nothing to eat.” When in fact the’re were many things to eat; I either had to cook it or I didn’t feel like eating that particular food. In the times when there wasn’t plenty, I ate and my hunger was satisfied with what I didn’t desire. It’s a good thing to learn when don’t get or way our what we want.

Nowadays, I have breakfast lunch and dinner! Glory to God, thank You Lord! 😀
I can choose what I want. At times the food that is here is not what I want, but I don’t find complaint with it (most times) I just eat what has been provided.

But Glory to God for this time and for the times there wasn’t plenty, but He still provided through my dad, mom and the many people that gave freely and willingly.

If you’re one who has never struggled with the care or concern of what you’ll be having for breakfast, lunch or dinner due to financial lack do not think it something small to have that daily blessing. Do not take it for granted and do not lightly fan away or dismiss this who talk of there struggle to have good to eat.

It’s not the struggle of choosing between cereal, fruit, or waffles and eggs with bacon or Turkey sausage, but it’s depending on God.too provide that next meal when they’ve done everything in their own power to have a meal. So don’t dismiss it with, “Find a job,” because they may already have one.

Now for those who are capable of working, but they choose not to work. That’s a different story. They should find a job and learn how to appropriate their funds so that they do have someplace to live, food to eat, and clean clothes.

Something that prevented me from working was wanting to be part of ministry and having the idea to do full time ministry because of the place where I went to church and the people I was around. But there are certain principles that cannot be ignored, especially as a young adult and even more so as a teen that doesn’t have family support, a family that cares to provide for them, or a place to live (this isn’t my story, but it can be the story of many others).

I learned and realized that career, work or a temporary job can also be a location for ministering because ministry doesn’t always take place in a building. Looking back at scripture Jesus taught in synagogues, but he also taught on mountain tops and he healed and delivered on the go!

The only thing to say when it comes to picking a job is to do it asking God for direction and what’s best. It wasn’t my desire to have the job I have now, but I surrendered to what I believe was God’s will at the time. Lol, I seriously didn’t want this work, especially after I realized what it entailed and the inconveniences that sometimes occured. But through it and with God’s help I’m able tho pay for school and for my own everyday items; as an adult I’m not putting so much stress on my dad’s wallet and I’m learning to budget myself and to say no tho things I may really want but can’t afford because I’ll need that cash for school and other expenses.

In life, pray, pray, pray. Talk with God.