Book Review: Between Sundays by Karen Kingsbury

My first summer read and it’s coming close to the end of July. Either way I’m glad I choose this book because in the end and on the last day of reading it, it gave me hope for my own personal situations.

The two main scriptures that gave me a peaceful hope this morning was Jeremiah 29:11 and 1 John 4:18. In the story it is these two scriptures that confirm the events that are happening in Megan Gunns life, one of the main characters, life. They confirm that all along despite her expectation of heaven being where her hope and future lies, God has a hope and future for her while she’s living on this earth. Also that she can love and trust the 49er football player Aaron Hill, not just because of how much he has changed, but because perfect love casts out fear.

Truly this fiction story is centered on an eight-year-old boy named Cory Briggs.
He is the child of a woman named Amy. Yet, He becomes the foster child of Megan Gunn. Cory’s character is vibrant and free, just as any eight-year-old should be. Throughout the story, he holds on with such a faith, that shows clearly what Jesus meant by, whoever doesn’t have faith as a child cannot enter the kingdom of God. Regardless of what logical thinking adults have to say about his beliefs, Cory never lets go of what his mother prayed for and told him.

Other themes in the story are foster care, football, and family. This novel brings attention to foster care and the struggles of those who exit the foster care system without a supportive familial foundation or financial foundation.

This novel raises awareness of the Alex Smith foundation and foster care. For more information on the foundation visit

Between Sundays
Karen Kingsbury
Copyright 2007 Zondervan
ISBN-13: 978-0-310-25772


Shades of Blue – Karen Kingsbury


The cover looks great.

By the time I reached the middle of reading Shades of Blue I knew that Karen Kingsbury would be my next favorite author. 

I am so glad that I stumbled upon this book while searching through the shelves of my local library. I’ve never heard of Karen Kingsbury, but now I know she is a NY-Times best-selling author – Christian author at that and she has written more than 15 books. 

What I like most about her books(wait  a second I’m only on my second book written by her…lol whatever I’m sure I would say the something) is the Forever in Fiction, knowing that the characters are Christian and the proper/simple placements of scripture verses from the Bible. 

While reading Shades of Blue I think I related to it more than I thought I initially would. I guess it’s the forgiveness and moving on part the characters worked through that enabled me to relate to them. Although I have not been through the same situation, I feel like I can relate to what a few of the characters felt, regarding forgiving others and going through tough times with family members and friends. 

If you intend to read this book, there is a possibility that the words in some chapters may hit a few untouched memories or chapters in your own life, that will have you stop and think about a past or present situation. 

Lastly, an important topic throughout this book was abortion and the after affects of having an abortion. I personally am Pro – life and would not choose to have an abortion. Though I have not been in a situation where I would have to choose between abortion or not, I am still pro – life. It saddens me to see that some people take abortions lightly.Before I go on a rant about abortions I’m going to stop here. 


Currently reading  Take One by Karen Kingsbury, it is captivating.

Winter Garden – Kristin Hannah

True story or not, this book definitely seems like parts of it is based upon a true story. The details are so in depth.

Winter Garden was a great read in my opinion. I read it within the last weeks of August, when I did most of my traveling, which was fantastic because reading made my trips feel shorter than they actually were. I think reading does that. You read a few chapters of a book then look at the clock and say ” WHAT two hours passed already?” Time definitely fly’s when you’re reading  good book. So anyway, Winter Garden is not centered on romance as much as True Colors (another one of Kristin’s fabulous books) is but it does have a pinch of “present” romance with two of the characters. If any romance is seen in this book it is probably because it is slightly a love story, not based on fairy tales, but carries a more significant…plot or theme. The story in this book is important, in that it holds more than just your basic boy likes girl,girl likes boy theme. I feel like this book has some Russian  history that is not talked about much in other countries. Family struggles, separation, love, hurt, strife, poverty and so much more life experiences are written in this book. Sure Winter Garden may be fiction but there is no way that you can’t agree with me that what happened in this book cannot happen in real life.

Although the mood in the characters throughout the book may be a bit gloomy and depressing,  the conclusion of the novel is well worth reading through it all.

Winter Garden


Although I don’t plan on writing a review for Kristin Hannah’s already published novel True Colors I still recommend it to her fans and those who enjoy reading romance. Just a couple of words to describe True Colors: Strength, Hope Love, Faith, Pressure, Patience, Gossip, Small town…True Colors is also worth reading so purchase it at your favorite book story or even better borrow it from your local library.