Life is Tough

In this moment my life is tough
In this moment I recognize that I am not the only one going through a tough life

I am a believer in Christ Jesus
I do believe that what Joel Osteen shared on Facebook
The thing I am praying to get out of
Can be the very place
Where God is doing a work in me

Have I been praying?
Praying is
Communicating with God
I’ve been telling Him I want out!

Certainly not out of life

It’s amazing how much I appreciate life
I am grateful
And thankful
Jesus, You delivered me from wanting to end my life

Life is a gift
My heart just needs a jumpstart
To joyfully shout –
Because it is another day to
Live, Breathe, & soak in the warmth of Your sun

Truly, Father, I thank You for life in me

Now I never desire to take my life away
Never, never, never
Nor the anyone else

Help me Father,
In Jesus’ name
To remember that I can give life
Through my words
And may I only do it in
Your strength
Because if I do it in my own strength
I will become weak and weary

You alone are God
Though I blew up in anger
You still love me

The lie was, “How could you still love me?”
The Truth is
You still do
Because you told me that Your love for me is
Never ending

And so, with this
My heart has been softened