That Time of The Year Again; IT’S CRUNCH TIME BABY!

That Time of The Year Again; IT’S CRUNCH TIME BABY!

Lol, I just felt like announcing that to the world. If you don’t know what exactly I’m talking about its SCHOOL.

Tips I have to keep in mind( and you too):

Stay Positive!

Set a Goal and Keep it.My goal for this semester, NO MATTER WHAT!, is to pass all my classes, with above average grades.

Believe! this one is very important.

Stay Away from the people who bring you down. and keep you from achieving your goals.

Keep believing! Don’t let people try to kill your dreams, they’re sucking the life outta you without even realizing it.  

Stay with people who inspire and encourage you to do better.

Don’t stress too much. Have fun. Relax. Don’t back down.

 –  TC