Sitting in a place with an open window
The birds singing and the sun shining
It would be peaceful to sit there

But what matters
Is having peace within

Peace within
Does not change
When grey storm clouds roll in

Peace within
Does not vanish away
When the light of the sun is hidden

Peace within
Is not rattled
When rain begins to pour

That is when peace within is no longer determined by circumstance
But by the One who is within
And with us daily

God, the Father
And Holy Spirit

Goal: Have peace and joy regardless of the outer circumstance because God said He will never leave or forsake His children.


Looking At Joseph

When the Lord is with us, shows us mercy and gives us favor our circumstance isn’t as awful or horrible as it seems. The Lord was with Joseph, the Lord showed him mercy and gave him favor in the sight of Potiphar and the keeper of the prison.

So although Joseph was sold into slavery and brought to Egypt, because the Lord was with him all that seemed bad worked for good because God was with him, showed him mercy and caused Joseph to have favor with those who had authority over him.

When God is with us, no one can be against us (Romans 8:31-34), when God shows us mercy and favor in the sight of men we know that it is God who keeps us and it is in Him our trust should be – if it is God who keeps us the limited power or the plans of man cannot prevail against us.

Although we may not be where we want to be right now, God can still reach us. His love and all His goodness can still reach us regardless of where we are. David said if he were to make his bed in hell, he still wouldn’t be removed from God’s presence because  God would be there.

For Joseph, no matter where he went or what position he was in God was still with him; God’s mercy, favor, protection, and provision was with him.

Looking at Joseph’s life we see evidence of God’s promise that He will never leave us nor forsake us (Heb. 13:4-5) and that nothing at all, absolutely nothing, can separate us from God’s love (Romans 8:38). We also see that all of Joseph’s needs are provided for although he wasn’t in a desired place when he was in jail. Isaiah 41:9-10, 13-14 Joseph had no reason to fear because God was with him. Sometimes we forget that since God is with us we have no reason to fear, but it’s important that we remember to trust Him.

As the Lord was with Joseph, so shall the Lord be with those who trust Him and call on Him out of a pure and contrite heart.

All glory, honor, praise and thanks be to God.