Evening Song!

Watch “Third Day – Your Love Is Like A River” on YouTube this song came to my mind and heart this evening. I’m listening to it now, going to pray and meditate then go to sleep.

As a Christian, do songs come to your mind or heart? They did for me about 3 years ago and it’s happening again. This is one of the things I enjoy about being connected to God.

Love God



Morning Text Message • 10/22/2014

+++God is in you by His Holy Spirit, but where is God in you life?
+++Are you where God wants you to be?
+++Are you doing the things God wants you to do?
…and how do you know these things?
+++When it comes to others, are they seeing God in you? Are they hearing God through you? And are their lives being touched by God through you?
Phil 2:13
For it is God Who works in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.
+++Reminding you that your life belongs to God. Give Him full usage of your life.
+++ Blessed you are and blessed you will always be and to God be all the glory. Amen!
-Bro. A. Rose

Morning Text Message • 10/18/2014

Lk 10:19
Jesus gave us Authority over ALL the devil’s power.
Lk 10:17
Demons are under your control by the Name of Jesus.
+++You have the God given Authority and the Power of the Holy Spirit to shut satan and his demons down to zero.
Cast him out of your life, your health, your house, your finances, your job and every where you think he may be operating.
+++Satan and his dirty demons has no choice but to submit and surrender to the Authority in the Name of Jesus and the Power of the Holy Spirit.
+++Viciously and mercilessly exercise your God given Authority and Holy Spirit Power against the enemy. Victory is yours.
+++ Blessed you are and blessed you will always be and to God be all the glory. Amen!
– Bro. A. Rose