Refreshed in the Word

Today is Sunday for perhaps most of the world and as a Christian I went to church! Today I went to Allen cathedral and Pastor F. Flake gave the sermon. It is a good thing that I was refreshed by it. The notes I took I will share with you as well as my own thoughts during the sermon.

“Life has orders and life has rules. God has order and God has rules. We need to abide by God’s rules and orders.

God has created systems for our good. We have to have structure.

Understand God’s system.

By God’s power you can do so much more if you have God by your side.

No matter how much power you think you have, you are not God.

Don’t let your ego drive you.

Everything you got, God gave it to ya, God made it for ya.

God is God all by Himself.”

On Instagram I saw a post that said something similar to humility is the way to make it through the Christian life. Through todays 8:30am sermon, I saw that this is true; it was like confirmation for me that I need humility and so do other Christians.

I am where I am because God has placed His hands on me. as I wrote this I thought about having had a stroke and all the things I’ve gone through health wise and otherwise. God certainly has Hid hands on me; for this I am happy and grateful. Truly where would I be without Him? He knows, I don’t and I’m alright with not knowing where I would be without Him.

To me humility does not include bragging about what I have or what I was able to accomplish. Some people brag about how good God has been to them and how they have this or that because of God, this I find to be fine. This person is boasting about Christ, about God and what He has been doing their life. But to boast and brag about what a person has without acknowledging God is what I don’t particularly like. *God, He can do more than we can imagine, expect or think. So we may have bragging rights, but humility will keep us grounded , knowing that all we have is because of God. It is from His hand, through His grace, through His mercy, through His love.


There it is. So we have boasting rights, as long as we boast in the Lord.

Amen. Hallelujah!

* (Take a quick read of (Ephesians 3:20)

Sermon Scripture Exodus 20:22-24

Reasons to Smile

In this life there are many reasons to smile. 

Then there are also reasons to frown. 

But who willingly wants to walk and live with a frown on their face.  I think we all can agree that we like to be happy,  at peace and content. 

Each of us has a role in each others life. That role is to encourage and pick out and affirm the best qualities we see in each other. Doing this would be better than picking out the worst quality or the very thing we dislike the most about another individual. Todays devotional by Mart DeHaan has inspired me to write this post. For today, to encourage and show mercy to those I interact with today, and I pray Lord, that I will remember to do this daily, not just today. 

This is such an encouraging verse: 

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing. 1 Thessalonians 5:11.
May we all fulfill this verse in our lives today. May we quickly repair a conversation that didn’t go as well as we expected. May we quickly apologize when we need to,  regardless of who was or is wrong. May we not blame, but aim to repair what went wrong.  Let’s not be slow in apologizing, but quick and ready. Lord, here is our request. You see our hearts and You see our intents, may they be true and right in Your sight. We love You Lord,  in all and every way. In Jesus’ name,  amen.

Have a blessed and wonderful day beautiful readers!

Love God



The first  question I have today is, Lord, how can I be humble?

How can I show true humility as the tax collector did in Luke 18:9-14?

Expect and Extend Mercy • Luke 18:9-14

The Beauty of Brokenness • Psalm 51

I would like to try Kintsugi. It is a “centuries-old Japanese art of mending broken pottery.” Gold is mixed with resin and is used to put together again the broken object or pottery. I would like to try it, in hopes that I can try it and see the beautiful end result. I hope that is how we turn out. Beautiful after we have been broken. I think this is what happens. 

This is Me! Love Me or Leave Me!

I just came from church a couple of minutes ago. The sermon was great, I don’t know how much people tonight’s sermon touched but it definitely touched me. What I got out of the sermon is that I need to be okay and content with who I am. NO ONE is perfect. We have to understand our faults and mistakes. Sometimes a couple of people may be disillusioned about who and what they really are. How we see ourselves may and can be very different from how others see us. Sometimes in your mind you can set your self on a pedestal, but truthfully your not.

I have plenty of thoughts regarding tonight’s sermon. I’m sorry I don’t remember the person’s name but, his sermon was really good. Some people, including me, need to have whatever illusion they have of themselves broken to match reality. Jesus can see what and who we really are, God knows our highest potential…whew tonights sermon was GREAT!!!


—- Availability and Useability are two different things. We may be available for God to use us the way he wants to, but we may not yet be useful.

—- Take a step back, ask Jesus show me the reality of who I am. Take a step back to realize that sometimes I am wrong and sometimes I am right.

Allen AME Holy Thursday April 1st,2010 7pm service.–Hopefully a CD will be made so the service can be re-heard.

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