Weekend Projects & Ravellenics

Revellenics was introduced to me through another WordPress blogger. I had no clue what it was but there’s still time to join the challenge. I’ve found a pattern that’s very simple and fits the yarns and needles that I already have (so there won’t be any shopping trips to Michaels or any other craft store.

Here’s what I’ve chosen to do so far Simple Lace Headband byknittingmemad

Weekend Projects
•Hat •Victorian Pink Ruffles •Cotton Candy (Cowl?)

Update & Introducing “Past Prayers”

New Category!!!

Past prayers are meaningful…some how they shine a light,

on what was,

what can be,

and what still is.


Personal update: Spring semester has been over for about two weeks now. My final grades are wonderful, but they could’ve been better. I’m working on a sky blue headband, basic knit style. My next knitting project will either be jewelry or a light weight scarf…I’ll have to stop by a craft store some time this week. I recently finished FOUR drawings!!I’m excited because I think this is the first time I’ve done so much in the span of only two or three days, finishing a drawing project normally takes me more than two weeks. With one of those four drawings I experimented with oil pastels…they actually remind me of crayons, with the exception that I can blend colors with water when I use oil pastels. AND my guitar playing has gotten better!!! I still need more improvement, but I’m happy with where I’ve reached.



Made Just in Time – Scarf

In a past post I said I was working on a winter scarf, well here it is!!

I must say it came out better than I thought it would.

Hmm, I believe I used size 10 and a 1/2 needles. I don’t remember the exact amount of stitches or cast on’s for this scarf.

For both ends of the scarf, I just added stitches and then dropped stitches. I didn’t get the instructions from a book or website, so sorry if you had an interest in making one yourself.

I think I might end up selling some products soon…as long as it’s what God wants me to do.


Update…On Things…

I am so excited right now! I joined my school newspaper club. Hope I can benefit from this in a good way and get some writing experience.

Anyway on other things…

For the last three days I’ve been working on a winter scarf – I’m actually almost done. It’s coming along great the fabric is not so fantastic but there’s not much to complain about. The yarn is not  rough or scratchy and it’s that kind of bubbly scarf(I’ll put a pic of what I call bubbly yarn in the next post).

Erm…my classes are going well, and I’m still keeping that positive attitude I talked about in a couple of posts ago. I hope your sticking to that same positiveness.

I finished reading my first book for September. I actually could not keep my eyes away from the pages. The book is titled Shades Of Blue by Karen Kingsbury. I will be writing a book review, probably this coming weekend since I don’t think I’ll be busy this weekend.

So pictures for the book reviews and of my “bubbly” scarfs will be in the upcoming posts.

” O so positive!” – Tia

Decorative Stitch

For those who knit…http://www.diynetwork.com/videos/decorative-stitches/7985.html

I used the double twist design with the basic garter stitch for a bookmark I made. The finishing product came out a little sloppy but it still looks great and I love the way my new bookmark looks. Plus I’m working on making my knitting look neater.For some reason I always end up with a couple of missed stitches and a row that looks  “lopsided”. This is the reason I still consider myself a beginner even though I started knitting in 07′. 😮 :s 😉 Picture coming soon!!


       This is soo cute.( I did not make this, I found it on the web.)