Not Ready Yet

Being ready for marriage versus being ready for a relationship are two different things.

There has come a point in my life where yes I would like to have a romantic relationship with a man, but the post shared above sets my focus in a different direction. I need to cultivate my relationship with the Lord. He loves me so, I don’t want to behave as if that means nothing. So I won’t.

– Tiffany


Sara, Sarah from the bible wanted a child so bad and she loved her husband so much that she deemed it okay and acceptable for Abraham to sleep, actually have sex with Hagar, her maidservant.

Wow! Nowadays, we as people have many opinions about sharing a spouse or letting our spouse have sex with another person.

What’s crazy is I thought about a “what if?” What if I let my ex…

But my brother said nah, which is no for multiple reasons.

Your Own Story

Why do I worry or stress about the future? For the past few days, mixed with the last week too probably…

The story isn’t over, it’s still being written.
Glory to God

Originally written March 5th 2015.

The above paragraph is only an excerpt of my response to an article I read on Nitty Gritty Love titled”>God Is In Control of The Surprises. After reading that post I prayed to God about trusting Him and His plans regarding my relationship with my boyfriend.

Reading Michelle Lindsey’s post on how her life turned out and how she met her husband reminded me of something I recently learned. As recent as within the last few months of this year.

Before I ever really started dating I read so many stories of how God worked in the lives of those wanting to be married or those interested in a special someone romantically. Aside from the posts I read on girltalk and peaceful single girl I read the book Quest for Love by Elizabeth Elliot. That books is a great read! So I recommended it, especially if you are single or in a romantic relationship.

I used to become frustrated sometimes because my story wasn’t looking like the ones I read about or saw around me. What I read and saw seemed right, so much so that it seemed like the only way to go about dating. I’ve learned though that each person has a story of their own. The way that our lives unfold are not the same though they may be similar in some circumstances. I’ve learned to appreciate the story God is writing for my life and that it is unique; filled with its own struggles, victories, miracles, answered prayers, times or waiting, times of forgiveness and times of learning.

Father I’m grateful for the plans You have for me.

The stories and testimonies of others lives and Your hand in them only add to the beauty You have created. It shows that You work in many different ways, especially if we let You have Your way in our lives and trust You. It’s no easy journey, but we learn a lot along the way.

My closing point is, enjoy the way your story is unfolding.
Just because it doesn’t look like the successful relationship of a close friend or relative doesn’t mean that God’s hand is not present and it doesn’t mean that your own relationship won’t be successful.

So I’ll enjoy the way my story is unfolding. Trusting in who God is: faithful, compassionate, caring, absolutely loving, and patient. Trusting His promises.

(For those of us who are not single, but not married yet either. There are many readings about singleness and marriage, but what about the in between? With God’s word and my experiences I hope this will be a blessing to those, who like me have at once become frustrated by seeing so much directed to singleness and marriage, but not exactly the in between. Scripture on singleness and marriage are still beneficial to read about because there’s nothing wrong with preparing!)

Pray. Talk to God.
Love God.

Follow Up: When Two Become One

I just posted a poem about when two people become one in marriage. Sure, people become one by having sex with whomever and whenever they want, but that is not what l’m talking about here.

The poem was written when I really thought about all the changes that happen to two individuals once they commit to marriage. Being unmarried, my point of view comes from taking notice of those who are. So yeah, I’m not married, yet, but would like to be. The timing and everything else I pray about and leave in God’s hands.

Anyway, since I’m not married yet, I’d like to hear from those of you who are. 🙂

If you are married, what thoughts would you add to the poem? (No worries, it doesn’t have to be poetic. 🙂 )

If you’d like to share, what were your experiences while being with the one you are married to before you were married?

Is there anything note worthy about the times you and your, now, spouse discussed about or during your first few years of marriage?

When Two Become One

Two who were once strangers
Now live together in a home
Just the two, who have become friends Then companions
Now they are one,

Together they bring with them old traditions
Over time they will make new traditions To mix with the old
They bring with them
All they have learned from where they We’re before

They are no longer strangers
They are…

Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. Genesis 2:24