It’s Free, It’s Already Paid For

The title of this post is what it is, I chose  that title because it is true and I myself am still learning this.

As I might have shared before I’m partially  dependant on my dad and my fiance. Before them I am completely dependant on my heavenly Father. He most certainly is THE BEST provider I have and will always have.

Yet I cannot deny that with all three of these individuals I try to help them when I can. It is a way to SHOW them I am thankful and that I love them. I know I can simply say it and move on with my life,  but I know actions speak louder than words.  It is my actions that are seen and proved by those who see.

For my dad, he paid me as his secretary. To pay his bills for him and do other secretarial work. I don’t mind this because he works so hard, even doing overtime perhaps sometimes daily.

For my fiancé,  it’s a bit more difficult to help him as I help my dad. We do not yet live together, so I’ve helped him with things like setting up his EZPASS account before our vacation this year. That’s one thing I can remember now. I also spend time with him when he’s off and I’m available. Yesterday was his day off, so he had what I now call a lazy day, which is okay with me because he works hard, is tired most times it seems and God has given us 7 days in the week, allowing us 1 day or rest, the Sabbath day. At first I didn’t like it for two reasons, but now I understand. After all,  he has a full time position now, something we’ve both prayed that he’d receive. 

For God,  my heavenly Father, I aim and try to have my devotional first thing in the morning, sometimes after praying, sometimes after brushing my teeth. At times it does not work out like this because I’m traveling, because I’ve slept over someone elses home or some other reason that would keep me from spending time with the Lord early in the morning after waking up. Like today, I have a second interview that is in the airport. The interview time is from 8am to 10pm. Which is why I’ve prayed, read my first devotional and am now writing this post. It’s 7:35am now so it’s almost ‘show time.’ 

My point I’d this post is to show that some of us do want to pay back those who’ve helped us. For these three individuals it is so with me. For God, I have learned that I do not have to pay for my salvation because it has alrwady been paid for. Still, until it is no longer a habit, I will still aim to literally seek Him first in the mornings. His work says to seek Him, His kingdom and His righteousness first and He will add unto me clothing, food and whatever else is mentioned in Matthew chapter 6. It’s a chapter I like. So give it a read 😉 .

If you have not accepted Jesus to be your Lord and Savior,  you may do so now by saying a personal prayer or going on over to the salvation page. 

Thank you for reading, have agreat day, afternoon or night.

Love God



Secret Place

That is where we Christians ought to do our good deeds, giving to charity and praying to the Father or Lord. In the secret place. 

We’d be hypocrites if we were to do our good deeds, charity giving or praying in front of people just to get a good name for ourselves. Jesus has not told to do this. Jesus has told us to do these things without the motive of pleasing men – people, He has told us to do these things in the secret place. Why? Because that is where the Father is, in the secret place. This is what it says in Matthew 6:6. We also read that the Father will reward us openly if we do these things in the secret place for Him alone to see. Isn’t that reason enough to follow and do what Jesus said? Receiving a reward from the Father who gives good and perfect gifts. Why not? This is an opportunity I’d jump on!

Let honor meet honor is the Our daily bread devotional title for today. From this I understand that Jesus does not want us to be self centered. He does not want us to be thinking about ourselves. Naturally we can do this. So it takes effort and pracrice to put others before ourselves, to not do things out of self-glorification, and to live a selfless life to the Lord. The sceipture is Matthew 6 verses 1-6. Jesus is straightforward and clear as He speaks in these verses. Every statement is to the point and gives clarity on what not to do, what to do and how to do it. Doour charitable deeds, giving, and praying in the secret place so that our Heavenly Father can see it and reward us openly.

“The more we serve Christ, the less we will serve self.” -ODB