A Shared Message

“We have the mind of Christ.
(1 Cor. 2:16)
For every genuine gift of the Holy Spirit, there is a counterfeit. The new age world is now promoting “mindfulness” in schools, colleges, and everywhere you turn. The problem with it is that it never mentions the Perfect One, Almighty God. Committed, faithful Christians are like the faithful remnant of Israel. We desire to be holy, to live right for the glory of God, and to raise up a standard for the world to see. Why? So that others might also desire to know Jesus Christ personally, to love and serve Him for all of their days. This is the REAL life, and the rewards are eternal. Don’t fall for the lie, the fake experience; and be bold and brave to tell the truth to others. Get into your right mind—the mind of Christ —today; and stay there forever! 😇”

– Vallie Leone